Out of Ammo – How to Get “Splash Damage” Achievement

Fixing and achieving the “Splash Damage” achievement in Out of Ammo.


The “Splash Damage” achievement in Out of Ammo has been broken in recent versions, including the June 29, 2020 release. However, a small percentage of players have managed to earn it, indicating that it was functional at some point. To fix this achievement, we need to roll back the game code to the version where it was working. Fortunately, I have gone through the trial and error process to determine the correct version of the game.

Before Proceeding, Back Up Your Saves

Before following this guide, it is advisable to create backups of your saves. Since we are reverting to an older version, there is a risk that it may affect your newer saves or even corrupt them. I have prepared a separate guide on how to back up your savings for your convenience.


  • Right-click on the Out of Ammo game in your library and select Properties -> Betas -> “update 0.8 – seventh update released.” Steam will now install the older version of Out of Ammo in which the achievement was still functional.
  • Launch the game and choose the beach defense mission.
  • Place a tower next to the helipad, ensuring it has a good view of the slope but is not too close to become a primary target for the enemy. Refer to the following image for reference:


  • Place a rocket soldier in the tower.
  • Position the remaining bunkers wherever you prefer.
  • Progress through the enemy waves. It will take several waves until the enemies become numerous and dense enough to take out five of them at once. Keep eliminating them using your rocket soldier in the tower until you achieve the required conditions.

Note that the text description of the achievement is inaccurate, stating that you need to take out three enemies with one rocket. In reality, you need to eliminate five enemies at once. Eventually, the right moment will come when the enemies bunch up, allowing you to blast them. The achievement should unlock immediately when this occurs.

Returning to the Current Version Once you have earned the achievement, you may want to switch back to the current version of the game. Exit the game and return to the “Betas” screen as mentioned earlier. Change the selection back to “none,” and Steam will download and install the latest version.

It is recommended to restore the backup of your saves that was created earlier, just in case the old beta version caused any issues or corruption in your saves.

Addendum: Versions with Issues

Additional details about the process and unsuccessful attempts to fix the achievement.

In my initial attempts, I explored rolling back the game version using the Steam console. This method requires providing manifest IDs obtained from Steam DB (detailed guides are available online for this process). While this information may not be of interest to most readers, here are the manifest IDs I used and confirmed that the achievement did not work based on my own attempts:

App IDDepot IDManifest

After exhausting all the options mentioned earlier without success, I proceeded to explore the beta versions. Fortunately, I found that the first beta version I tried, v0.8, resolved the issue and allowed me to earn the achievement.

This guide about Out of Ammo was written by ODog502. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concerns about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.