Overwatch 2 Golden Weapons

Overwatch 2 Golden Weapons | How to Unlock


  • You need a total of 3,000 Competitive Points to unlock Golden Weapons.

Golden weapons in Overwatch 2 may have the same stats as the other weapons. However, having this kind of weapon in the game will surely boost the confidence of every player. All heroes available in Overwatch 2 have their own special weapons, which means that they also have their very own golden weapon skins. If you’re looking for methods on how to get the golden weapon for your hero, this page covers the details on how to get it.

How to Get Golden Weapons in Overwatch 2

To unlock this kind of weapon in Overwatch 2, players will have to spend a lot of time and gameplay. Players need to play ranked matches to get enough Competitive Points, also known as CP. To get the golden weapon for your hero, you need to accumulate a total of 3,000 CP. Once you have the required CP, you can now grab the Golden weapon for your hero.

Overwatch 2 Golden Weapons

Keep in mind that golden weapons can only be unlocked using Competitive Points. Each season of Overwatch 2 usually lasts for around nine weeks, which is enough time for you to gather all the needed Competitive Points to get the golden weapon of your choice.

This is everything you need to learn about how to unlock Golden Weapons in Overwatch 2. If you’re new to Overwatch 2, we recommend checking out our guide on how to get Kiriko for free in Overwatch 2.