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Overwatch 2 Heroes | How to Get All Characters


  • You can unlock heroes in Overwatch 2 by reaching their required wins.

There are lots of hero choices that are available in Overwatch 2. Apart from the return of old heroes from Overwatch, the latest game also adds some heroes that can bring a huge impact on the game. With the growing numbers of Overwatch 2 heroes, how can you unlock all of them? Read on as we guide you through the steps to get all characters in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Character Unlock Requirements

Every hero in Overwatch 2 has their own role. The roles that we have right now are tank heroes, who are usually at the front of the fight, damage heroes, who are responsible for dealing huge damage, and support heroes, who usually stays behind to heal and support the team.

Overwatch 2

At the moment, Overwatch 2 has a total of 35 heroes, including the newly added support hero Kiriko. Other heroes are unlocked by default, while some are unlocked by meeting the required total games played. Below, you can find the full details on how to unlock every Overwatch 2 hero.

SojournUnlocked after the first login in Season 1
Junker QueenUnlocked after the first login in Season 1
KirikoUnlock at Tier 55 in fee BP or Tier 1 in Premium BP
GenjiPlay 1 game
D.VaPlay 2 games
CassidyPlay 3 games
AnaPlay 4 games
HanzoPlay 9 games
JunkratPlay 12 games
RoadhogPlay 15 games
SymmetraPlay 20 games
ZenyattaPlay 25 games
BastionPlay 30 games
SigmaPlay 40 games
AshePlay 50 games
BrigittePlay 60 games
MeiPlay 70 games
DoomfistPlay 85 games
BaptistePlay 100 games
SombraPlay 115 games
Wrecking BallPlay 130 games
EchoPlay 150 games
Overwatch 2 Heroes Unlock Requirements

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