Paragon The Overprime – Map Guide and Notes

A basic guide about the current map.

Map Overview

Agnis of Light is a 5v5 symmetrical map divided into three primary lanes: the Left Lane (Duo Lane), the Mid Lane, and the Right Lane (Solo Lane). These lanes are connected by the jungle, which consists of various camps and routes for players to traverse. The primary objective of the map is to destroy the enemy team’s Core while defending your own.



The core is the main objective in each game and is located at each team’s Base. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy Core and consequently win the game.

The core is immune to any damage as long as all 3 Inhibitors of the respective team are still intact

The core is the most powerful structure in the game, dealing more damage and being more resilient than any other structure.

Unlike other structures, the Core’s health is displayed in % instead of absolute values. It has 10000 HP.

The Core regenerates 0.25% health every 5 seconds when the destroyed Inhibitors have respawned.


Inhibitors are the second structure on each lane, guarding the team’s core. They are more powerful and resilient than Towers. Inhibitors respawn after a certain time once they’re destroyed.

Inhibitors can be attacked once the tower in that lane is destroyed. Inhibitors have a Defense of 50 and 6000 Health, reduced to 4300 Health when respawned after destruction.


Towers are the first obstacle on each lane, seperating the allied half of the map and the enemy half. With two Towers on each lane (1 allied and 1 hostile) there are 6 Towers in total.

Towers should be protected from enemy attacks early on so they can act as a kind of safe space for Heroes on the respective lane.

Each successive attack of a tower applies a Defense Ignore stack to the target (max 4), increasing the value by 5% to a total of 20% at 4 stacks.


Left Lane (Duo Lane)

The Left Lane is the longest lane on the map. It features a single tower, an inhibitor, and the Core at the end. This lane is typically assigned to heroes who excel in sustained damage or have good wave-clear abilities. This Lane is usually played by the Carry/Ranger.

Mid Lane

The Mid Lane is the shortest lane and is crucial for controlling the map’s central area. It also features a single tower, an inhibitor, and the Core at the end. Heroes in the Mid Lane usually have strong ability damage and can rotate quickly to other lanes. This Lane is usually played by a Caster.

Right Lane (Solo Lane)

The Right Lane is similar to the Left Lane in terms of structure, with a tower, an inhibitor, and the Core at the end. Heroes in the Right Lane often have good dueling capabilities and excel at split-pushing. The solo lane is typically played by a Tank/Warrior.

Lane Buffs

Purple Buff:

  • +10 mana per second for 15s
  • Gain 60 gold

Mid Buff:

  • +100 mana instantly
  • +200 mana over 5s
  • Gain 10 gold

Green Buff:

  • +12 health per second for 15s
  • Gain 60 Gold


The jungle is the area of the map located between the lanes. It consists of a series of camps and pathways that provide various benefits and challenges for players. The jungle is symmetrical, with camps mirrored on both sides of the map.

Jungle Camps

Jungle camps are neutral monster spawns scattered throughout the jungle. They consist of groups of monsters that need to be defeated to gain rewards. The types of jungle camps include:

White camps

In every part of the Jungle, there are 4 white camps made up of specialized Jungle Monsters.

These camps are the main resource for junglers to level up and farm gold.

Camps near the red buff:

Camps near the blue buff:

Red camp/buff

The following effects are granted for eliminating the monster in the Red camp:

  • Gain 100 gold,
  • Physical power increased by 10%,
  • Deal 50 bonus damage over 5 seconds and slow for 15% for 1 second with each hit,
  • Effects last for 120 seconds.

Blue camp/buff

The following effects are granted for eliminating the monster in the Blue camp:

  • Gain 100 gold,
  • Magical power increased by 10%,
  • +10% cooldown reduction,
  • 12 mana/sec restoration,
  • Gain a shield that absorbs 300 damage,
  • Effects last for 120s.

Major Buffs

Prime Spirit

When spawning for the first time the Element of the Prime Spirit (Earth, Wind, Water or Fire) is set randomly. The Element determines the buff effect it provides upon being defeated.

Health values:

  • Fire: 5,500
  • Water: 5,800
  • Earth: 5,600
  • Wind: 5,820
  • Spirit: 6,800

Upon slaying a Prime Spirit the following effects are gained for the allied team:

  • Temporary Buffs
  • Allied T-Ons: +25% physical/magical power and defense
  • Enemy structures: -50% defense (for 120sec)
  • Permanent Element Buffs
  • The permanent buff effect depends on the element of the defeated Spirit:

Fire: +5% Physical/Magical Power.

Water: +3% missing MP/HP every 5sec.

Earth: +6% Physical/Magical Defense.

Wind: +4% Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Movement Speed (out of combat)

Spirit Silla – All Element Buffs

Once one of the teams has defeated 3 Prime Spirits, the next Spirit that spawns will be Spirit Silla, a fusion between all of the Spirits.

Slaying a Spirit Silla gives all 4 elemental buffs.

Prime Guardian’s Underling/Prime Guardian

The Prime Guardian’s Underling spawns at 6:00 minutes.

Initial Health: 8,000

+ 160 Health every minute

The player that defeats the Underling will receive it as a spawnable Item. The standard key for spawning it is H.

The player has 180 seconds to spawn the Underling, after which it expires.

The remaining time can be seen on the left side of the screen, where all buff effects are usually displayed.

The Underling Item is not lost when the player dies.

Spawning the Underling knocks away enemies and deals 10% of max HP damage to everything in a certain radius around the selected spawn point.

Once it is spawned, the Underling rushes towards the closest enemy structure to attack it, ignoring all Heroes and T-Ons.

Spawning the Underling makes a distinctive sound, alerting all players on the battlefield. Its location is also displayed on the minimap.

Heroes receive a damage boost when attacking the summoned Underling, dealing 50% more damage to it.

The Prime Guardian Spawns at 18:00 minutes.

Initial Health: 15,500

+320 Health each minute (max 20,940 Health)

Fighting the Prime Guardian

When fighting the Prime Guardian, the damage it receives is dependent on the number of players fighting it:

1 Attacker: Damage decreased by 50%

2 Attackers: Damage decreased by 25%

3 or more Attackers: Full damage

Getting hit by the Prime Guardian will reduce the player’s healing by 50%.

Killing the Prime Guardian

Upon killing the big Prime Guardian the following buffs and advantages are granted:

350 Gold

Prime Buff applied to the whole team for 3 minutes:

+45 Physical and Magical Power

+30% Attack speed

+3 Health Regeneration

+3 Mana Regeneration

+15% Cooldown Reduction

+20% Damage to Towers & Inhibitors

Deals true damage to the next enemy structure on each lane.

Deals 30% true damage of max Tower/Inhibitor Health.

This does not affect the Core.

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