Path of Exile

Path of Exile Update 3.12.4 Patch Notes

Developer and publisher Grinding Gear Games has released the newest Path of Exile update 3.12.4. The new patch for the game has been rolled out on October 14, 2020.

As seen in the release notes, the new Path of Exile update only brings heist improvements, general improvements, alternate quality gem improvements, and some bug fixes.

The new update is now live and players can now download it on their platforms. To know more about this latest Path of Exile update, check out the detailed release notes below.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile Update 3.12.4 Patch Notes

Heist Improvements

  • Enabled the questline that leads toward the Freidrich Tarollo, Slave Merchant boss encounter.
  • Increased the range that you can move away from your Rogue Allies before they are interrupted from a Job that they are performing.
  • Fossils can now be used on Heist Contracts, Blueprints and Ally Equipment.
  • Reduced the maximum range at which several Heist monsters can use their skills.
  • Reduced the amount of damage that Heist bosses deal to minions.
  • Reduced the impact damage of Senior Necroscientists’ and Auto-Enforcer’s Orb projectile skills.
  • Corpsewalker unique boots can now drop in Heist leagues.
  • Unique Contracts can now be placed in the Unique Collection Tab.
  • The Fulcrum unique staff can now be placed in the Unique Collection Tab.
  • Adjusted the description of “+X to Level” on Ally Equipment to more clearly describe its effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Heist members could sometimes ignore orders to perform Jobs if they were in another room or in combat.
  • Fixed a bug where Maltreatment Axe, Disapprobation Axe and Psychotic Axe were unable to drop.
  • Fixed a bug where Simplex Amulet was missing its “25% increased Explicit Modifier Magnitudes” implicit modifier description.
  • Fixed a bug where Talismans dropped from some Heists Chests in level 68+ areas and from item level 68+ Incubators were not correctly Anointed.
  • Fixed a bug where Lasers on Heists Doors weren’t always visibly removed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where some area-of-effect skills (such as Righteous Fire) were unable to damage Observer Totems.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage dealt by Laser Beams in The Unbreakable encounter didn’t match the visuals as closely as intended.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a Curio Display in a Grand Heist could contain nothing.
  • Fixed a bug where non-instance owners couldn’t see Heist Chest labels.
  • Fixed a bug in Quest Contracts where the quest objective didn’t drop for party members.
  • Fixed a bug where the “increased Rogue’s Marker value of primary Heist Target” Heist Equipment modifier didn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug where the “+X to Level of all Jobs” Heist Equipment modifier didn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug where counting as being on Low Life from Coward’s Legacy unique belt didn’t apply when using Replica Last Resort unique claw.
  • Fixed a bug where Ashblessed Wardens could have a skill effect permanently attached to them if they died while using their Sweeping Beam skill.
  • Fixed several cases of dialogue being attributed to the wrong character.
  • Fixed an instance of the spoken dialogue not matching what was written.

General Improvements

  • The Passive Tree window will now be in the same position when re-opened as when it was last closed. Exceptions to this rule include the first time being opened after logging in to a character, characters below level 8, or if you have any unspent Ascendancy passive points with the Ascendancy passive tree visible.
  • You can now delete characters that have Harvest Infrastructure in their inventories.
  • Removed Curse Immunity from additional monsters, including Izaro’s Gargoyles, Portals, Fonts, and various Totems.
  • Triggering Elemental Overload’s effect will now display a timer which shows how long its effect will last.
  • Flame Wall’s primary burning effect now has an attack time override of 1 second, and its secondary burning effect now has an attack time override of 0.2 seconds.
  • Burning Ground created by the unique belt Replica Siegebreaker has an attack time override of 5 seconds.
  • Herald of Thunder now has an attack time override of 0.25 seconds.
  • Magma Orb now deals 50% less damage to players (from 30% less).
  • Swiftbrand Support now causes supported skills to deal 45% less damage to players.
  • Fixed an issue where Ignited enemies affected by Cinderswallow Urn’s increased damage taken effect could appear much brighter than intended if that effect had been proliferated to them.
  • Fixed a bug where Discharge helmet enchantments which granted additional Radius didn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug where Determination, Purity of Fire, Purity of Ice, Purity of Lightning, Purity of Elements, Anger, Vitality, Clarity, Gluttony of Elements, Impurity of Fire and Impurity of Lightning were not correctly counted as Auras for the sake of Unwavering Faith’s ascendancy passive.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.12.0 where Slipstreams no longer affected you or your allies.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.12.0 where the increased Damage for each time you’ve Warcried Recently from the Escalation Notable passive skill was being applied twice.
  • Fixed a bug where Regeneration granted by Enduring Cry was not applied if triggered by The Eternal Apple unique shield.
  • Fixed a bug where having more than 100% slower start of Energy Shield Recharge would cause Energy Shield to always be recharging.
  • Fixed a bug where Virulence’s decay rate could be quicker than intended if you had more than 40 Virulence.
  • Fixed a bug which caused projectiles fired by a Shrapnel Ballista supported by Fork Support to hit a target more times than intended.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the use of movement skills after using Shield Charge if it didn’t actually move your character.
  • Fixed a bug where Hexes applied to Hexproof enemies briefly displayed a “locked” Hex icon above the enemy.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Zombies raised from a Phantasmal Raised Zombies skill gem to take Chaos Damage based on a Life total before some Life modifiers were applied, rather than their Life total after they were affected by all maximum Life modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug where skills could not be supported by both Awakened Added Cold Damage Support and Arrow Nova Support at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where Seismic Cry and Ancestral Cry’s cooldowns were not correctly reduced to four seconds when using the unique claw Al Dhih.
  • Fixed a bug where Cremation could be cast on a corpse without having line of sight to it.
  • Fixed a bug where Lightning Warp could target a random location if you had cast it while targetting yourself.
  • Fixed a bug preventing totems from being affected by curses applied by an Aura.
  • Fixed a bug preventing totems generated by map modifiers from being cursed.
  • Fixed a visual issue where Vaal Temple’s Citadel was in the wrong Atlas region.
  • Fixed another common client crash related to audio events.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Spectral Throw while you were using the Wings of Entropy unique axe with the Demonic Weapon skin applied.
  • Fixed a client crash.
  • Fixed an instance crash.

Alternate Quality Gem Improvements

  • Alternate Quality Gems can now be supported by gems which match the bonuses granted by their Alternate Quality.
  • Divergent Heavy Strike (whose quality grants reduced Knockback Distance) can no longer cause enemies to be pulled towards you when the gem has greater than 20% quality. At 20% quality, the skill will not provide any Knockback effect.
  • Divergent Increased Critical Strikes Support’s quality effect now grants “Supported Skills have a chance to gain a Power Charge on Killing Blow”.
  • Fixed a bug where Alternate Quality effects on the following gems didn’t work as intended: Anomalous Slower Projectiles Support (Projectiles from Supported Skills deal increased Damage with Hits to nearby Enemies), Anomalous Faster Projectiles Support (Projectiles from Supported Skills have a chance to Return to you from final target), Phantasmal Ice Spear (Travel reduced distance before changing forms), Divergent Flicker Strike (increased teleport range), Phantamsal Rallying Cry (Exerted Attacks deal increased Damage), Divergent Seismic Cry (Exerted Attacks have a chance to Knock Enemies Back on Hit), Phantasmal Raise Zombie (Minions gain a portion of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage), Anomalous Summon Skeletons (Minions can’t be Damaged for X seconds after being Summoned), Phantasmal Decoy Totem (Totems Explode on Death, dealing x% of their Life as Physical Damage), Phantasmal Blade Vortex (increased Damage while you have 5 or fewer Blades), Anomalous Enlighten Support (reduced Intelligence Requirement), Divergent Clarity (You and nearby Allies have increased Damage while on Full Mana).
  • Fixed a bug where Divergent Flameblast’s Less Cast Speed effect was not displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where Divergent Sunder had the wrong quality effect. It now grants increased Physical Damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Divergent Arcane Cloak’s quality effect (increased Buff Effect) was applying to the amount of Damage from Hits taken from Buff before your Life or Energy Shield.
  • Fixed a bug where Divergent Fire Penetration, Anomalous Brutality Support and Anomalous Vicious Projectiles Support didn’t display their quality effect range when at 0% quality.
  • Fixed a bug where Anomalous Barrage Support and Anomalous Pierce Support didn’t display their quality effect range if the gem had 10 to 19% quality.
  • Fixed a bug where Divergent Arc’s secondary chains dealt damage as if they had chained the maximum number of times.


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