Path of Giants

Path of Giants Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to obtain all achievements in Path of Giants. For players who want to get the 100% achievements of the game, then this guide is for you.

Path of Giants Achievement Guide

Before we start with this achievement guide, please take note of the following:

  • Some achievements invalidate others, but none are missable since you can always go back to any level or checkpoint from the main menu and replay it.
  • Some achievements can be unlocked in multiple levels, the guide includes only examples.
  • At least one achievement requires dialogues enabled so don’t disable them.
  • Achievements are presented in more or less the order they will be unlocked. The notation used in the guide: 11-2 means level 11 checkpoint 2.

A helping head – Boost up on an explorer

  • 1-2 of the story.

Leave no man behind – Boost down on an explorer

  • 1-3 of the story.

Relic smasher – Break 7 pots in 3 seconds

  • 4-2 or 11-2 of the story.

Path of Giants

Path of Giants

Around I go – Get onto a spinning platform that you control

  • 4-2 of the story. Step on the yellow button with the yellow explorer and then get on the spinning platform with him.

Turn back time – Get unstuck after being stuck

  • You should get it naturally, simply click the Undo arrow when the game tells you you’re stuck. This invalidates the Pathfinder achievement so you’ll have to replay this checkpoint.

Let’s try this again – Undo 12 times in a row

  • It can be done on any level. Simply do some actions and then click the Undo arrow 12 times in a row. This invalidates the Pathfinder achievement so you’ll have to replay this checkpoint.

Near sighted – Smash a distant pot in level 9

  • 9-1

Path of Giants

Woo! – Get an explorer to say “Woo!”

  • 9-1. Simply step on the elevator and ride all the way down. This achievement requires dialogues enabled in the settings.

Thrill seeker – Ride 30 elevators

  • This one should unlock naturally, there are many elevators in the game.

Archaeologist – Find the Lantri!

  • Complete the main story (levels 1-12).

Open sesame – Enter the hidden chamber

  • Start level 13.

Gold!!!! – Discover the hidden treasure

  • Complete level 13.

Foresight – Complete any Winterfest island without using undo

  • Complete a single checkpoint without using undo.

All aboard! – Find the sneaky coin in level 17

  • 17-1. Break a pot on the train:

Path of GiantsScavenger – Collect ALL the coins

  • Collect all coins in the game including the hidden one in 17-1. You can monitor your progress in Main Menu > Levels. Coins collected are listed above each level.

Ready for summer – Complete Winterfest

  • Complete the Winterfest (levels 14-17).

Pathfinder – Complete 12 levels without using undo

  • Don’t use undo in 12 levels. You can monitor your statistics in Main Menu > Levels. Click “View Stats” and you’ll be able to see how many times Undo was used in each level and checkpoint. You can replay each checkpoint from here.

Path of Giants

And that’s all for this Path of Giants 100% achievement guide. Did we miss something? Feel free to tell us by leaving a comment below.

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