Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – How to Get a Ship to Colyphyr

Wondering how to get a ship that will transport the Commander to Colyphyr? If yes, this guide will show you where and how you can find a ship that will bring you to Colyphyr.

How to Get a Ship to Colyphyr

First, you need to get to Middle City and enter the Fleshmarkets.

Once inside, find and speak with Kerz.

To get a ship that will bring you to Colyphyr, choose the following choices:

  1. I need to get to Colyphyr. Can you take me there?
  2. [Diplomacy 39] Isn’t that a bit steep? You’re sitting here without work and without any loot. Things aren’t looking good for you. I figure you can bring down the price a bit.
  3. [Give him a hundred and ten thousand coins] Get your ship and crew ready. We’re heading out immediately.

Then click the End Dialogue button. Next, hover your mouse back to Kerz and click the hand icon. A dialogue window will open and select the following:

  1. Approach the portal.
  2. Step into the portal.
  3. Continue.
  4. [Intimidate 29] …chase the harpies off with weapon fire and battle cries.
  5. Continue.
  6. Continue.
  7. …orders a landing on Alir.
  8. Continue.
  9. [Knowledge (World) 32] …orders the crew to light bonfires around the ship to drive off the plants.
  10. Continue.
  11. …valiantly attacks the enemy.
  12. Close.

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