Madden NFL 21

Patrick Mahomes Announced Madden NFL 21 for Xbox Series X and Xbox One

Sports-themed video games are one of the most popular games since then. Electronic Arts is one of the video game developers continuously making sports-themed games.

One of the most popular games from EA is Madden NFL, an American football game based on the National Football League. The current Madden video game right now is Madden NFL 20, which received a lot of positive feedback from football fans.

Now, it seems that football gamers need to be ready as EA announced that Madden NFL 21 is coming. During the Xbox live stream a few hours ago, one of the highlights of the game previews is Madden NFL 21.

Patrick Mahomes introduced and confirmed that Madden 21 is coming to Xbox Series. During the stream, it has also been confirmed that players who buy Madden NFL 21 by December 31 for Xbox One and decides to grab the next-gen Xbox Series X on March 31, 2021, will be able to download Madden 21 for free. Which means players don’t need to spend another cash to get the game on Xbox Series X.

As of writing, the official launch date of Madden NFL 21 is not yet confirmed. Stay tuned for EA’s live stream on June 11, 2020.

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