PAYDAY 2 – Black Cat Stealth and Achievements Guide

The ultimate guide to stealth the black cat and how to get all of its achievements.

Guide Overview

In this guide, I will show you everything you need to know about this heist. You can use the index to freely jump to whatever section you need.

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While the selection is minimal some of the assets are extremely useful.

Here is an overview of the assets I suggest you get:

Explanation for the assets:


This entry will spawn you in civilian mode allowing you to roam around before getting you gear.


The spiked drink will speed up a part of the mission while the card is really useful to start with one so you don’t have to go around searching for it ( even if easy to find, starting with one is really useful ).


While the available cameras aren’t the best two are somewhat useful; one in the spa, and one in the casino covering the areas with the most guards.


A body bag case can be nice to have, I suggest this location as it is in a safe area.

Useful Information to Know Before Going In

Know the ship layout

The ship can be divided in 3 sections:

  • BACK (RED)

Not all guards are equal

In this heist you will find 2 types of guards roaming around:


Wearing a gilet, like normal guards, will try to arrest you and of course have a pager.


Wearing a full suit, they have higher health and are trigger happy, won’t try the arrest BUT DON’T HAVE A PAGER.

Part 1 Mission Walkthrough

You will begin in a cabin, then you will need to make your way to the insider. He can be located in one of the two bar on the ship:

The bar in the central area

The bar in the casino

After you’ve reached him he will start to talk, as soon as he starts you can go grab your gear, but, I strongly suggest you first go in the back of the casino and check the position of the electrical box

It can spawn ether in the left

or the right

After checking it you will need to go to one of the bathrooms in the central area to retrieve your gear

Now what?

You will be task with getting the hand print from Xun Kang and the code from Li Deng.

So, witch first?

The best rout goes from the front of the ship, starting with Li Deng, and making your way to the back.

So first stop the SPA area, but before you get there you might want to take down the cameras.

Camera room locations

The camera room can spawn in 2 locations (1/4 pagers used ):



Remember that in this area there is always a guard roaming the hallway.

While your down here you can get Xun Kang room number found on a computer on the right side.

Part 2 Mission Walkthrough

Now you can move on from the camera room and towards the spa.

To get to it you’ll need to get past the guards guarding the stairs, of this 3 guards 2 are triad members while only one is a pager guard. The 2 triads can be easily killed when they stop in the balcony area.

If done you’ll only have to worry about avoiding the remaning pager guard.

Now you’re in the spa area you can easily tight up the civilians in the reception area and then move deeper.

To trigger the mission update you’ll need to walk in the pool area, after you are task with finding Li Deng private room.
REMEMBER as long as you stay in the red area you wont be in any danger

To find the right room there are 2 methods

1) Simply enter one of the room and check

2) Use 6th sense in the bathrooms to see if there is a civilian in the room, if so you’ll now it’s the wrong room

After you’ve found the correct room behind the painting there will be the safe

Now you have 2 options:


For this option you need to have bought the spiked drink in the pre planning. If you’ve followed this guide so far you probably have it. If so after moving the painting the drink will be delivered to Li Deng, he will then get sick and slowly walk over to the left bathroom, once there you can easily tight him up or kill him (no penality for him or Xun Kang ) and then open the safe.


While you’ll always have the asset if you want to stealth this, using the drill isn’t too problematic. As long as you have the silent drill the roaming guards will not notice the drill.

After opening the safe you’ll find a bag of money and the code, REMEMBER TO RIGHT IT DOWN.

Alright, after getting the code, now we need the hand print from Xun Kang, but first…

Intermission about skipping mission steps

To get the hand print from Xun Kang you will need to first plant a listening device in a storage room to the right of the vault in the casino.

After listening to the discussion you will be task to find Xun Kang cabing and retrive his phone number.

This can be skiped entirely, all you have to do is to get the phone number before triggering his mission. If you don’t do this you will be forced to plant thee bug and listen to the conversation wasting a lot of time.

Part 3 Mission Walkthrough

Now from the front you’ll make your way to the middle of the ship. in this area you will need to find Xun Kang room and retrive his phone number.

Also in the closet in his room there will be a titan safe, it cannot be drill in to and instead you’ll need Kang to walk over to it to open it. Inside there will be a bag of coke.

Becouse of this I suggest killing the guard ( 2/4 pagers used ) and the triad in the corridor to easly bring him to it.
Then you will need to kill the guard that roams the connecting area between the rooms and casino ( 3/4 pagers used ) making this area for the most part safe to roam

good spot to lauch the guard to make it easyer to respond to the pager.

Now you will have to go back to the camera room, why?
Well to trigger the 2 objectives you need to be in the room with them, while Li Deng is easy to trigger, Xun Kang can be very annoying as the casino area is full of guards and civilians. Luckly you can use the cameras to trigger the mission like so.

After you’ve looked at him Vlad will start talking triggering the mission update. Then because you’ve already found the phone number Locke will call Xun Kang and he will make his way to one of the sides with the life boats.

Which side he will chose is random, so sometimes, you will not be able to open his safe if he doesn’t choose the same side as his room.

Ether if you kill him or tight him up he will drop his prostetic hand.

I also suggest killing one of the guard patroling the life boats, which one depends on the situation ( 4/4 pagers used ).

If you get lucky with Kang and he goes to the same side as his room then kill that side guard if not the kill you are free to chose, for me killing the guard on the same side as Kang room works better as you create a completly safe side.

Extra loot

In one of the cabins closet you can find 2 bags of coke and 2 of weapons. You can also find some loose valuables. There can also be a tea set in the room above the casino ( not accessible unless in loud or ecm rushing )

Part 4 Mission Walkthrough

Now that you have the code and hand, you will need to stand near the vault entrance to trigger the next step, if triggered you now need to distract the guards in front of the vault

To do this you will need to get inside the control room, there are two spots it can spawn:



Inside there will be a triad member, after killing him you will find a computer that you can hack in. After the hack is complete the slot machines will go crazy and the guards will move away from the vault entrance ( remember if you use an ecm/pecm you will need to re-hack the computer )

While the computer is being hacked you can make your way to the electrical box in the back of the casino.
After cutting the wire the laser will deactivate and now all you need to do is to open the vault.


After you steal 12 bags you can ether get the rest or burn it ( burning the cash will trigger the alarm).

Then all you need to do is lower on of the life boats and escape.


In between the rooms you can find a vent that connect adjacent rooms, they can be interacted to slide open and move between rooms without opening the doors.

In the crew deck area you can find the C4 and thermite,

you can also find diesel in this room as well as in the storage room near the vault.

Key cards locations

Here is the location of all the key cards:


CIVILIANS CLEANING ROOMS (one spawns per side but only one has a keycard)





Achievements for Stealth

Secret Sea Safecracker

To get this achievement you need to open Xun Kang’s safe by moving him to it.

Master of Floatation

You need to throw 8 body bags into the sea without killing any civilians.

Swimming Cat, Silent Burglar

You need to complete the mission in stealth without shooting any of your weapons. I strongly suggest you do this in Overkill difficulty.

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