PAYDAY 2 Smuggler Pack 2

PAYDAY 2: Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 2 Adds New Weapons and Mods

Developer Overkill has finally released the Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 2 DLC for PAYDAY 2. This update is part of the first released Jiu Feng Smuggler DLC for the game. If you’re a fan of weapons, this new DLC update will give you more weapon options and upgrades.

Being one of the accomplices of the Payday gang, smuggler Jiu Feng has a lot of new weapons that the game can purchase. These premium quality weapons are directly shipped from the Far East and Russia, so players should expect some extravagant firing power of the weapons.

As announced, Jiu Feng will be offering a new sniper and assault rifle with an underbarrel grenade launcher and an SMG. Along with these weapons are 10 new mods and weapon color options. The package also comes with a new electric grenade and Ketchnov Byk-1 assault rifle.

Here is the weapon and mod upgrades breakdown from Jiu Feng himself:

Káng Arms X1 Sniper Rifle – A Beast from the East – this high tech precision sniper rifle is the epitome of modern Chinese military design, allowing you to pick off targets at will from a comfortable distance.


  • KA-ZD1A Long Barrel
  • KA-ZD1A Short Barrel
  • KA-ZDM2 Extended Magazine
  • KA-ZD032 Iron Sight

Miyaka 10 Special Submachine Gun (Akimbo Option) – This Japanese-designed compact submachine gun is the perfect tool for extended close quarters skirmishing, be it in a San Francisco back alley or in the corridors of a mazy bank building. And if you feel like really laying it on, you could bring two and use them akimbo.


  • MS10 Short Barrel
  • MS10 Comfort Wood Grip
  • MS10 Speedmag
  • MS10 Tactical Stock

Ketchnov Byk-1 Assault Rifle (Grenade Launcher) – This Russian friend is one to count on in troubled times. It’s got it all and will never leave you hanging. A well-designed assault rifle with the added bonus of an underbarrel grenade launcher. Load it up with the electric grenade and watch the sparks fly!


  • K-1 Suppressor
  • K-1 Speedmag

As for the color customizations, here are the color choices from this package:

  • Blue Peonia
  • Plum Blossom
  • Bamboo
  • Cloud Birds
  • Blue Scales
  • Gold & Jade
  • Gilded Dragon
  • Paper Folding
  • Peacock Wallpaper
  • Squaredots

If you want to see it yourself, make sure that you grab this DLC directly on Steam. Please note that you need to have the base game to play this DLC.

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