Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers Achievement/Trophy Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get 100% achievement in Persona 5 Strikers. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain all Persona 5 Strikers trophies or achievements, this one is for you.

Before we start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

Persona 5 Strikers Achievement/Trophy Guide

  • True Phantom Thief
    Earned all trophies.
  • Eternal Bonds
    Maxed out all BOND skill levels.
  • Master Thieves
    Obtained all Master Arts for all characters.
  • No Looking Back
    Started New Game + on Merciless difficulty.
  • Walk Your Own Path
    Completed the Tree of Knowledge.
  • Death Defied
    Defeated the Reaper.
  • Mask Connoisseur
    Complete the Inmate Registry.
  • Best of the Best
    Trained all Phantom Thieves to level 70.
  • The Most Daring of All
    Defeated all Dire Shadows.
  • Those Who Heed the Call
    Completed 50 requests.
  • Cage of Lust Closed
    Complete the Shibuya Jail.
  • Cage of Vanity Conquered
    Completed the Sendai Jail.
  • Cage of Gluttony Torched
    Completed the Sapporo Jail.
  • Cage of Desolation Condemned
    Completed the Okinawa Jail.
  • Cage of Wrath Collapsed
    Completed the Kyoto Jail.
  • Cage of Arrogance Cracked
    Completed the Osaka Jail.
  • Humanity’s Companion
    Completed the Jail of the Abyss.
  • Back in Business
    Witness the Phantom Thieves’ reunion.
  • Farewell to the Past
    Wolf awakened his Persona.
  • A Newfound Heart
    Sophia found the strength of her heart.
  • It’s Showtime!
    Activated Showtime.
  • Seeker of Power
    Used Incense.
  • Unshakeable Teamwork
    Performed an All-Out Attack 150 times.
  • Know Your Enemy
    Hit the enemy’s weakness 300 times.
  • Phantom Striker
    Defeated 200 enemies with the phantom dash.
  • All That Glitters
    Defeated 10 Treasure Demons.
  • Best Friend
    Maxed out a BOND skill level.
  • Eye for Talent
    Spent Persona Points to strengthen a Persona’s stats.
  • Knife in the Dark
    Performed 50 ambushes.
  • What are Friends For?
    Cleared all special requests from Phantom Thieves.
  • Who Dares Wins
    Defeated a Dire Shadow
  • Ultimate Trump Card
    Obtained all Master Arts for Joker.
  • Jolly Roger
    Obtained all Master Arts for Skull.
  • Gentleman Thief
    Obtained all Master Arts for Mona.
  • Flame Dancer
    Obtained all Master Arts for Panther.
  • Peerless Blade
    Obtained all Master Arts for Fox.
  • Fist of Justice
    Obtained all Master Arts for Queen.
  • Sophisticated Lady
    Obtained all Master Arts for Noir.
  • Technological Marvel
    Obtained all Master Arts for Sophie.
  • Repentant Fang
    Obtained all Master Arts for Wolf.
  • A Helping Hand
     Completed a request.
  • Item Sweeper
    Obtained a total 200 items from the Jails.
  • Short Order Cook
    Cooked food for the first time.
  • Master Chef
    Cooked 12 types of food.
  • Impulse Buyer
    Bought something during a limited time sale.
  • A Little Memento
    Obtained a souvenir for the camper.
  • Treasure Hunter
    Opened 50 treasure chests.

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