Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers – All Food Recipes and Ingredients You Can Cook

This guide will be covering the details of all food that you can cook in Persona 5 Strikers. In addition, you will also be able to learn the food recipes and the needed ingredients to cook the meals.

It is highly recommended to check out for new recipes and stock up on ingredients as their availability is only limited. If you missed grabbing some recipes, there’s a chance that they will be showing up again in Sophia’s Shop, but each recipe may cost a bit.

Persona 5 Strikers Food Recipes and Ingredients

LeBlanc CoffeeRecovers 30 SP for one allyAlready LearnedSelect Coffee Beans
LeBlanc CurryRecovers 20 SP for all alliesAlready LearnedPork, Onion, and Rice
GyutanRestores 40 HP for all alliesGyutan Shop, Sendai (¥1,620)Beef Tongue, Onion, and Carrot
Salmon BowlRestores 20 HP for all alliesCafe Blue, Sendai (¥900)Salmon amd Rice
KebabRestores 40 HP for all alliesKuon Ichinose (8/11)Lamb Meat, Cabbage, and Onion
Miso RamenRestores 20 HP for all allies & MatarukajaRamen Alley, Sapporo (¥850)Flour and Miso
JingusikanRestore 40 HP for all alliesAnn Takamaki (Suzushino, 8/11)Lamb Meat, Cabbage, and Onion
Seafood BowlRestores 20 SP for all allies & MarakukajaSeafood Bowl Shop, Sapporo (¥1,000)Tuna, Salmon, and Rice
Kyoto CurryRecovers 40 SP for all allies8/14Beef, Onion, Rice, and Kamo Eggplant
Okinawa SobaRestores 30 HP for all alliesHaisai Haoma, Okinawa (¥800)Flour and Pork
Goat SoupRestores 30 HP for all allies & MatarukajaFu-kuhara Bento Store, Okinawa (¥1,300)Goat Meat and Awamori for Cooking
Goya ChanpuruRestores 40 HP for all allies & MasukukajaFutaba Sakura (8/18)Bitter Gourd, Eggs, Pork, and Tofu
KushikatsuRestores 40 HP for all allies & MatarukajaYusuke Kitagawa (Kushikatsu Ganko, 8/24)Beef, Pork, Eggs, and Onion
OkonomiyakiRestores 60 HP for all alliesLucky Lucky Okonomiyaki Restaurant, Osaka (¥1,100)Flour, Pork, and Cabbage
Crab HotpotRestores 80 HP and 40 SP for all alliesDotonbori Crab Restaurant, Osaka (¥6,600)Crab, Tofu, and Carrot
Osaka SushiRestores 40 SP for all allies & MarakukajaNanaya Sushi & Staples (¥3,500)Tuna, Crab, Eggs, and Rice
ObanzaiRestores 30 HP for all allies & Removes status ailmentsComplete Haru Okumura’s request: Shopping for Home Cooking (Osaka, given after Cooking Papa request)Kamo Eggplant, Tofu, Carrot, and Miso
ChurrascoRestores 30 HP for all allies & Heat Riser for all alliesClear the “Employee Course Correction” requestBeef, Pork, Lamb Meat, and Goat Meat
Master LeBlanc CurryRestores 50 SP for all alliesClear the Tree of Knowledge stealth request: “A Thief’s Special Challenge”Pork, Onion, Select Coffee Beans, and Rice
Master LeBlanc CoffeeRestores 50 SP for one allyClear the Tree of Knowledge request: “Trapped in the Great Tree – Forgotten Desire 7”Select Coffee Beans

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