Phantom Brigade – How to Salvage

A brief and hopefully helpful guide on how to salvage what you need.


Cost & Budget

Moving your mouse over to this part will show a menu showing what and how much it contributed to your total budget. This means bigger fights and more eliminations equal more salvage. I tend to prioritize turrets last but i dont forget to pick them off as the last enemy tries to limp around.

Here we have perfectly good scrap, parts that weren’t burnt to ash, this is good because it’s cheaper, 5sp for scrap and 15sp for a full recovery.

And here is what damaged options will cost. 10sp for scrap, and 25sp for a full recovery.


Rewards come at no cost to your budget and can vary on the mission. If you raid a cache, repair convoy, parts convoy, etc they will show up here.

Remember to actually go to the points designated during a mission or else you won’t receive the rewards you set out to get.

Orange will be “blueprints and base tools like decoy drones and smoke charges. Gold will be misc items that turn into resources.

Recovering your loses

Here I lost a pilot who also means I lost my mech. Although you can recover the mech by just paying the salvage cost, the pilot expired, this guide won’t help with that. Broken limbs, shields, and weapons will show up at the very top before your enemies. If you’re confused, it will be a “squad mech” as well as any parts that broke during combat.

All your losses will be treated as damaged costing the higher salvage cost.

Scrapping Rewards

Different parts and rarities will have different loot. This will be shown at the bottom of each item preview. Blue for rare, green for uncommon, and grey for standard supplies.


Here we still have my defeated mech as an example. The lower left will show its modules if any, keep in mind if it has a lock icon that means it is fused and cannot be removed.

In order to salvage modules you need to fully recover the part costing either 10sp or 25sp depending on the damage, once recovered you can go into your inventory and scrap & detach. This process can be done for weapons and shields as well.

What’s New?

Parts with the star outline and “+!” means it’s either a higher level or new in your inventory.

Although an inventory and comparison tools would be useful, we must make do with what we have. I tend to stick to a certain few preferred armor sets to keep and scrap the rest to help build my ideal mech later on.


At the end of the day, you should focus on what you need as your play experience may be different from mine. Just keep in mind what your current goal is and how to knock it out the fastest.

  1. Focus on the cheaper parts. The cost of damaged components severely stacks up. Remember the game tends to level with you so don’t rush if you don’t need to. 3 damaged recovered parts cost 75sp and 3 parts recovered intact cost 45. Unless you have a surplus of parts then make an exception.
  2. Scope your enemies out before engaging, get those flanks for concussions or bring out a squad with concussive rounds to better increase your chance of taking down a pilot before their mech.
  3. If you have what you want choose between recovering parts with modules or turning rare/uncommon parts into scrap.
  4. Kill everything, if you can handle it take on those reinforcements.
  5. From what I’ve seen, you can’t go past 10k supplies, 100 uncommon, and I have yet to find out the limit for rare. So use those supplies, don’t become a hoarder rocking the oldest base equipment in the uprising -5 faith.
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