Pharaoh A New Era Controls Guide for PC

Are you one of the players who enjoys playing classic games? Well, developer Triskell Interactive has just released the legendary city-builder video game, Pharaoh: A New Era. And to help you get started, this page will show you the complete list of Pharaoh: A New Era controls and keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC.

Pharaoh: A New Era Controls

The following are the default Pharaoh: A New Era key bindings. You can change these default Pharaoh: A New Era controls by going to Options > Keybindings tab. Make sure that you click the Confirm button to save all the changes that you have made.

Speed UpPage Up
Speed DownPage Down
Reset SpeedT
Toggle GridG
Flat ModeF
Camera UpW
Camera DownS
Camera LeftA
Camera RightD
Rotate BuildingR
Hide UII
Hide CliffsC
Building PickerLeft Ctrl
World MapM
In-Game HelpH
Quick SaveF5
Quick LoadF9
Chief Overseer
Overseer of the Granaries1
Overseer of the Temples2
Overseer of the Workers3
Overseer of the Commerce4
Overseer of the Diversions5
Overseer of the Learning6
Overseer of the Public Health7
Political Overseer8
Ratings Overseer9
Overseer of the Treasury0
Overseer of the Monuments[
Military Overseer=
Entertainment OverlayNone
Water OverlayNone
Education OverlayNone
Health OverlayNone
Religion OverlayNone
Taxation OverlayNone
Fire Risk OverlayNone
Collapse Risk OverlayNone
Crime Risk OverlayNone
Diseases Risk OverlayNone
Malaria Risk OverlayNone
Desirability OverlayNone
Close OverlayNone
Pharaoh: A New Era Controls

Note that there are some unassigned actions listed above. We highly recommend that you add your desired keys to these actions to make things a little bit easier. Good luck!