Pharaoh A New Era – How to Fix Low Culture Ratings

Sometimes you will experience low culture ratings even when the overseers say that everything is perfect. In this guide, I will explain the cause and workaround for that.


In the original game, it was required to build a certain amount of artists’ stages and ensure they have enough workers in order to get to a certain culture rating. The overseer of diversion suggests that this is also the case in Pharaoh: A New Era (see image), however, to calculate the culture rating it uses the number of currently running stages, meaning those which have active performances at the current time. This value is normalized against all built stages, so building more artists’ stages but having no one perform on them will reduce the culture rating!


Build enough Juggler Schools, Conservatories and Dance Schools to keep all stages running. As the artists don’t use ferries in this game you will need to place these buildings on every island separately if you have artist’s stages there.

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