Phasmophobia – How To Get Maximum Profit

This guide will be covering in-depth details on how you can get the maximum profit in Phasmophobia. Discover the basic money-making strategy and learn some secret tips that only w few people know.

If you’re one of the players having a hard time getting a good amount of money in the game, this one is surely for you.


Obviously, Phasmophobia’s item needs money to be purchased. Yeah, you’re going to get money for every mission you’ve done, but you can get way more than you think. I’m going to talk about those items in detailed maps that will help you maximize your income. Take a look at the details below to see which maps are better suited to make money quickly.


There are 2 different types of farmhouses in Phasmophobia. The farmhouse of Grafton and the farmhouse of Bleasedale. The Grafton Farmhouse has a smaller one upstairs, but a larger one downstairs. The Bleasedale Farmhouse is medium-sized upstairs and downstairs. Note that Farmhouses are the only maps in the game that feature a voodoo item. The voodoo can serve two uses, finding the ghost and photo credit. If you take a picture of a voodoo doll, you’ll get the “Interaction” photo credit. There’s a chance, at least in my experience, that you’re going to throw a doll and take you to the place of the ghosts. The voodoo usually spawns in the bedrooms and looks like the image below

Phasmophobia Voodoo Doll

Roadhouse and Street Houses

There are actually three distinct styles of suburban houses in Phasmophobia. They’re all close in their ability to play. They don’t have any special features of making money. If played on professional difficulty, you can still make a decent amount of profit from these maps.

Brownstone High School

This is one of Phasmophobia’s biggest maps. It comprises a large number of classrooms, a second floor with more classrooms, a gymnasium, and numerous bathrooms and office spaces. It also doesn’t have any special features of making money and is usually a longer map to play on.


The biggest map in phasmophobia (at least so far) and the hardest. With a map so big in scale, it can take a lot longer to locate a ghost room. It doesn’t have any special features for making money.


Another larger map, this one presents a different layout, consisting of jail cells and the infirmary. This map doesn’t have any special features to make money, and it’s generally a tougher map to play.

After reading all these, can you guess the maps are better for maximum profit? If you guessed the farmhouses, you’d be right about that! Not only are they smaller in size, which means less trouble tracking the location of spirits, but they offer a special source of money in the voodoo doll.

Equipment and Unique Items

Now we get into the process of getting more money for each game. Let’s start with the most essential piece of equipment making money: the Photo Camera.

A photo camera is a starter item in Phasmophobia that can be purchased with multiple cameras per game. Each comes with five picture slots and is equipped with a flash feature. The camera will raise your profits exponentially. Here are some things you need to take pictures of:

  • Fingerprints – One of the most common occurrences of proof in phasmophobia, fingerprints are a great way to raise your earnings. You’re going to need a UV light to find them, so make sure to bring one with you. Fingerprints can be seen on doors, lamps, and windows. There’s still a full hand on the doors and windows. There’s just a fingerprint on the light switches. You should take as many pictures as there are fingerprints, and make sure they count in your diary to see if the caption above the pictures reads “Fingerprints” Repeat pictures won’t make you any extra profit.

Phasmophobia Fingerprints

  • Bone Evidence – Bones spawn in any game, in a random position on the map. They can be used as photo credit and can be picked up to count for evidence.

Phasmophobia Bones

  • The Ouija Board – The Ouija Board has a 50/50 spawning shot at any given game. If found, it can be used for photo evidence, as well as to help you find a ghost. The Ouija Board can be a little finicky when you take a picture, so if it doesn’t count in your journal, take the board, look as far as you can, and throw it away. It ought to be standing straight up. Taking a photo of it when it’s standing up is always going to work.

Phasmophobia Ouija Board

  • Voodoo Doll – The Voodoo Doll is an exclusive object that can only be found on farm maps. When you get a photo, it counts as an “Interaction” photo in your journal.

Phasmophobia Voodoo Doll

  • Interactions – Interactions are to communicate with the ghost. When the ghost does things like opening and closing doors, throw objects around and flash on the lights.
  • Ghosts – Often, during your games, the ghost will manifest itself, usually around the players. If this happens, a picture of it will count as a “Ghost” photo in your journal. Taking a picture of a ghost may often be an objective you get at the beginning of each game.

Now, here are is the non-photo way to make money:

  • Objectives – At the start of each level, the whiteboard in the truck has four objectives. The first one is always the same, and that’s to find out what kind of ghost each map is haunting. There are still three random objectives below. Doing each of these objectives brings a return, if they are whitened out on the whiteboard, that means they have been achieved.

Phasmophobia Whiteboard

The image above is an example of 4 objectives needing to be completed.

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