Phasmophobia: What Happens To Your Items When You Die?

Phasmophobia is a horror game where every item counts if you want to survive. However, since surviving in the game is not that easy, many are wondering if what will happen to all the items that you have after you die.

In this Phasmophobia guide, you will be able to learn the truth about your stuff when you failed the game.


What will happen to your items?

Once the round already started, all the items that you bought, including the items you left in the truck, will be gone. However, the developer seems to be aware that this will be a difficult thing if all items will just disappear after dying.

Once you woke up again, you will be able to find the basic items such as your camera, EMF, and a flashlight. And of course, you will be getting a small amount of percentage for all your hard-earned progress before dying. If you managed to survive the wave, you don’t need to worry about the items that you will be moving to the truck as the Ghost Removal Team will be carrying this mission.

All in all, you must survive the round or else your items will be gone. This applies to all of your teammates too, who also died on the same round. If they survive, they can keep all of these items.

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