Pixel Piracy – How to Get the “Hell” Achievement

This guide will be showing you how to get the Pixel Piracy achievement called “Hell”.

Hell Achievement in Pixel Piracy

1. First of all, we need to talk with NPC Rumour Man in any town.

2. As he said, we need to beat at least one of the legendary pirates. They are located in the corners of the map. While you are getting to the legendary pirate or looking for Suicide Island – look into a couple of towns and buy Arsenic in the amount of [your entire crew] [+1] from a witch

3. Once the legendary pirate is defeated You need to find Suicide Island. Look at the screenshot how it looks like:

4. On this island you need to speak with NPC and choose “Perform Mass Suicide”. Be ready to fight with 15 waves of skeletons after it. (these skeletons will be stronger than common). After your clear 15 waves, you will get an achievement

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