Pluviophile Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievement in Pluviophile. If you’re one of the players who want to obtain all Pluviophile achievements, this guide is for.

Pluviophile Achievement and Walkthrough Guide

There’s a total of 5 achievements in Pluviophile. None of these achievements is secret/hidden. In addition to the achievements, we will also be showcasing the walkthrough of the game.

Chapter One – Begin Chapter One.

  • You will earn the first achievement by starting chapter 1. This chapter is extremely linear, and the first two pedestals are very easy, requiring only a tiny bit of backtracking. After getting the second, follow the path until you see a path to the right, take it, grab the flower, and then continue along the straight path. You will quickly unlock chapter 2.

Chapter Two – Begin Chapter Two.

  • You earn another achievement for starting this chapter. Chapter 2 is relatively linear but does loop around. Walk to the backside of the large rock to grab the flower, and continue straight to place it on the pedestal. Continue straight, grab the flower to the left behind a rock, and follow the path to place it on the next pedestal. Follow the path, grab the flower in the cave to the right, and then follow the path to place it on the next pedestal. Follow the path to get the next flower, drop down to the area with the big rock, and walk across the area to find the next pedestal (you will pass one you already used). Follow the path down to unlock chapter 3.

Chapter Three – Begin Chapter Three.

The End – Finish the experience and return to the main menu.

Hello Explorer! – Enter the cottage in Chapter Three.

  • The third achievement is for starting this chapter. Walk almost straight forward until you reach a narrow spot between some rocks, and continue mostly forward and a bit right to find the first flower. Backtrack to the start of the area to place it on the pedestal, turn around, then walk up the hill to the right, cross the log that appeared over the narrow area between the rocks, and continue straight. Grab the flower from the island to the left and place it on the nearby pedestal. Walk towards the trees covered in Fungi and continue mostly straight until you get to the cabin. Enter it, earn the next achievement, and head outside and to the left. There are a flower and pedestal in a straight line from the cabin. After placing the last flower, take the stairs and walk towards the lady. You will get the final achievement after you return to the main menu.

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