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Pokemon GO Chocolate Nanab Berry Discovered

Pokemon GO data mining has been present since the release of the game on Android and iOS. With this, players are able to get a chance to see the unreleased features in the game. Pokemon GO data miners have been exploring the game’s data file to see what’s new and as expected, the latest Pokemon GO update has got something hidden.

According to the recent details leaked on Reddit, there will be a new berry that will be coming in Pokemon GO. The data miner didn’t find any other details but it seems that the new berry will be called Chocolate Nanab Berry.

Pokemon GO Chocolate Nanab Berry

The early icon and graphic details for the upcoming Pokemon GO Choco Nanab Berry were found in the data file of Pokemon GO. While Niantic is yet to confirm the leaked details, at least we already got to see the new items. Looking at the data file, the Chocolate Nanab Berry will have a similar shape to a bunch of banana. Instead of an actual banana, the tip of the berry is brown coloured which looks like chocolate.

In Pokemon GO, there are already a total of five berries that players can use. These berries are helping players to calm down and catch Pokemon. What do you think of the leaked Choco Nanab Berry? What will be the effect of this berry when used to a Pokemon? Tell us your ideas in the comment section below.

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