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Rocket League Removes Voice Chat, Improved Voice Chat System Potential Return Revealed

Rocket League players are currently enjoying the events and activities in the current season of the game. But with the recently released update, some things are about to change as the developer temporarily removes a major feature in the game.

As seen from the Rocket League update 2.04 patch notes, the new update that has been released today reveals the temporary removal of the voice chat feature in Rocket League. Yup, you will no longer be able to have a smooth conversation with your friends or other players online.

Rocket League Removes Voice Chat

But why did the developer remove the voice chat feature in Rocket League? Psyonix stated that the removal of voice chat in Rocket League was due to the outdated voice chat system of the game, making it hard to use, especially for a fast-paced game like Rocket League. In addition, the developer is also aware that the voice chat performance is not good, resulting in a poor player experience.

We are temporarily removing voice chat with v2.04. As many of our players know, the current voice chat system is not up to modern standards, making it difficult to use in a fast-paced game environment.

We’re also aware that some players experience performance issues when using in-game voice chat, some sort of mid-match lag or service disruption, and we do not want voice chat to hinder quality of play. Psyonix

The developer also stated that they are working to bring some newly improved voice chat systems to Rocket League. There is still no solid release schedule for the return of the voice chat feature, but they are hoping to release the upgraded voice chat system in the game early next year.

Rocket League Voice Chat Alternative

Now that the Rocket League voice chat system has been removed, how will you be able to voice chat with your friends? Well, we have to rely on some third-party software like Steam Voice Chat and Discord. Personally, I’m using Steam Voice Chat to have a conversation with my friends while playing Rocket League.

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