Pokemon GO Community Day #3 Might Feature Bulbasaur and its Shiny Form

During the first month of this year, Niantic announced that Pokemon GO will be having a monthly Community Day event featuring spawn rate increase of a certain Pokemon equipped with a special move, bonus XP, and 3x Stardust.

Update: Niantic Confirmed Bulbasaur as the Featured Pokemon In Community Day #3

The first Pokemon GO Community Day Event happened on January 20 featuring Pikachu with a special move called Surf and in the second Community Day event just happened last February 24 that features Dratini that when evolved, Dragonite might get the special move Draco Meteor. In addition to these special moves, the event also brings the shiny form of the featured Pokemon.

Now that we’re already done with the Community Day this month, many are wondering what will be the next featured Pokemon in the 3rd Community Day event in March. Interestingly, we received some reports about the possible Pokemon that will be featured in the Community Day #3.

According to the report from a Reddit user helloburkie, he found out that the image URL for Dratini during the Pokemon GO Community Day #2 has been changed into Bulbasaur. Quoted from his original post:

Checked image url for the current Dratini image and just changed the Pokemon name to others and realized the Bulbasaur actually existed.

Although Bulbasaur and its shiny form is a good Pokemon to catch, the bad side is that Bulbasaur is not that useful Pokemon in Raid battles and gyms compared to the other Pokemon.

If this rumor turns out to be true, I think most of the players would just go out and participate the Community Day event to catch a Shiny Bulbasaur and add it to their collection. Well, we have to wait until Niantic officially announce what’s coming next on the Pokemon GO Community Day event #3.

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