Pokemon GO Pancham

Pokemon GO Pancham Evolution Guide

Are you one of the fans of Pancham in the Pokemon series? Guess what? Pancham has officially arrived in Pokemon GO and you can now catch it in the wild.

Just like any other pocket monsters in Pokemon GO, trainers can also evolve this Pokemon. In order to evolve Pancham into a Pangoro, players need to meet certain requirements.

How to Evolve Pancham in Pokemon GO?

Initially, Pancham is just a Fighting-type Pokemon in the game. But once evolved into a Pangoro, it will now be a Fighting- and Dark-type pocket monster. Pangoro can learn Close Combat, Snarl, and Night Slash in Pokemon. Its main moves are Rock Slide and Iron Head.

Pokemon GO
Pancham and Pangoro

To evolve Pancham, you need to catch 32 Dark-type Pokemon in the wild while using Pancham as your Buddy Pokemon. If Pancham is not yet your Buddy Pokemon, you need to swap him immediately. After catching 32 Dark-type Pokemon, your next task is to collect a total of 50 Pancham Candy.

Right after meeting all the mentioned requirements above, it’s now time for you to evolve Pancham into a mighty Pangoro. Being a Dark- and Fighting-type Pokemon, Pangoro is great against Ghost-, Rock-, Psychic-, and Dark-type Pokemon. However, it is weak against Fairy-, Flying-, and Fighting-type Pokemon.

If you’re a player facing a trainer using Pangoro, the best option to fight this Pokemon are Xerneas, Sylveon, and Aromatisse.

Pro Tip: Collecting around 50 Pancham Candy is tiresome for others. If you want to collect Pancham Candy as fast as possible with a little effort, we highly recommend getting a Pokemon GO Plus.

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