Pokemon Sword and Shield

How To Beat Allister in Pokemon Shield Exclusive Gym Leader

If you own a Pokemon Shield, the fourth Gym Leader that you will be facing is the talented Ghost-type Pokemon trainer, Allister. She is the shy and fearful Stow-on-Side Gym Leader.

To defeat Allister, you need to know her weakness. Check out our Allister guide below to help you out.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Pokemon Shield Exclusive Gym Leader Allister

Allister’s Pokemon Lineup

Similar to the Bea in Pokemon Sword, Allister is also using four Pokemon when battling in the gym. These are the Ghost-type Yamask (Lvl 34), Mimikyu (Lvl 34), Cursola (Lvl 35), and Gengar (Lvl 36).

How to Beat Gym Leader Allister

Allister’s Pokemon lineups are all Ghost mixed with other types of Pokemon which means its greatest weakness is Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon. However, you can also use Pokemon that are Water, Steel, and Psychic but it depends on the availability of your lineup.

If you’re planning to face Allister, it is recommended to have a Pokemon with at least level 34 to 36. The higher the level, the more chance of winning. In this guide, we recommend using Morgrem, Gyarados, Linoone, and Excadrill. In case you don’t have the listed Pokemon, you can also use Pokemon like Drifloon, Duskull, Impidimp, and Sneasel.

Due to the Pokemon that Allister is using, we also suggest bringing Super Potions, Revives, and X Special Defend as this will surely help you beat her.

Allister’s Rewards

Successfully defeating Allister will reward you Ghost Badge, TM77, Ghost-type uniform, and the ability to catch up to level 40 Pokemon in the wild.

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