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How to Catch Legendary Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Apart from the Legendary Zacian and Zamazenta, there’s also a new Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield that you didn’t know. This is the Legendary Eternatus and this is the final and last Legendary Pokemon that you can battle in the game.

Eternatus is a dual-type Poison/Dragon Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII as part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Note: This post contains spoilers for the Pokemon Sword and Shield game story. Continue reading at your own risk.

How to catch Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Eternatus is part of the game’s story in both versions. First, you need to defeat all gym leaders along the way until you reach the Champion Cup in Wyndon. You will be fighting the undefeated champion, Leon.

Your match against Leon will be interrupted and you need to go to Hammerlock Stadium and battle against Rose. Battling against Chairman Rose is the last step before you face the Legendary Eternatus.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Leon vs Eternatus

After you have successfully defeated Rose’s team, go to where Leon is. You’ll find him by heading to the Energy Plant and enter one of the doors on the right. Reach the highest floor of the building and you will find Leon already trying to capture Eternatus.

Leon failed to catch Eternatus alone and it will automatically trigger the scene where you enter the battle mode to fight Eternatus. Try your best to defeat Eternatus as soon as possible. During Eternatus’ first defeat, you won’t be able to catch it yet.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Zacian and Zamazenta

Eternatus will get up and attack you. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make any attack for a few turns. Just wait until Zacian and Zamazenta show up and from there, you can make a move to take down Eternatus. Hop will also be joining the battle to help you out.

Catching Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield is quite easy. Just when its health drops and you’re able to catch it, just throw any type of Pokeball and Enternatus will be captured immediately.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

And that’s it. Enjoy the new Legendary Pokemon in your Pokedex.

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