Pokemon Sword and Shield

How To Defeat Leon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Leon is the number 1 and undefeated Pokemon trainer in Galar. With his unmatching skills and talent, he truly deserves to be called “The Greatest Trainer in all of Galar.” But that ends today, as you will be defeating him in a one-on-one battle.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Galar Champion Leon

Champion Leon’s Pokemon Lineup

Being a champion separates you from the others. In the case of Leon, he is using different Pokemon depending on what you choose when you start the game. Also, instead of four Pokemon, Leon is using six powerful Pokemon. The following are the Pokemon that Leon is using:

  • Aegislash (Lvl 62)
  • Haxorus (Lvl 63)
  • Dragapult (Lvl 62)
  • Charizard (Lvl 65)
  • Inteleon (Lvl 64) – If you chose Scorbunny
  • Mr. Rime (Lvl 64) – If you chose Scorbunny
  • Rillaboom (Lvl 64) – If you chose Sobble
  • Rhyperior (Lvl 64) – If you chose Sobble
  • Cinderace (Lvl 64) – If you chose Grookey
  • Seismitoad (Lvl 64) – If you chose Grookey
Pokemon Sword and Shield
Galar Champion Leon

How to Beat Galar Champion Leon

With the different types of Pokemon that the Champion is using, surely you will be confused about what are the best Pokemon to counter Leon. Interestingly, some of his Pokemon are weak against Fairy and Dark-types which is why Grimmsnarl and Coalossal are the best picks to fight them.

Leon is the hardest Gym Leader that you will be facing, so we recommend to have a Pokemon with level 70 before you fight him.

The biggest problem in this matchup is when Leon uses Dynamax Charizard, making it more powerful. Once he activates Dynamax, you can also use Dynamax to a tough Rock-type Pokemon.

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