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How To Beat Opal in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Opal is the fifth Gym Leader in Pokemon Sword and Shield. She may be old but don’t ever let your guard down when you’re battling with her because she has some tricks hiding on her sleeves. Opal is the leader of the Ballonlea Gym in Galar which is specialized in Fairy-type Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Gym Leader Opal

Opal’s Pokemon Lineup

If you plan on defeating Opal, you should be ready to counter all of her Fairy-type Pokemon. She is using four Pokemon during battles. These are Weezing (Lvl 36), Togekiss (Lvl 37), Mawile (Lvl 36), and Alcremie (Lvl 38).

How to Beat Gym Leader Opal

Knowing that Opal’s Pokemon are all Fairy-types, we can take advantage of its weaknesses. Fairy-type Pokemon are weak against Steel and Poisons and that being said, we recommend using Pokemon that has this type. One of the best Pokemon that you can use is Corviknight.

Before actually facing Opal, first, you need to defeat her three underlings. These are Annette with Spritzee (Lvl 34) and Slurpuff (Lvl 34), Teresa with Swirlix (Lvl 34) and Aromatisse (Lvl 34), and Theodora with Morgrem (Lvl 35) and Gardevoir (Lvl 35).

Opal’s Rewards

Once you have successfully defeated Opal, you will receive Ballonlea Gym Badge, TM87: Draining Kiss move, and 6,080 money.

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