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How To Beat Piers in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The seventh Gym Leader that trainers will be facing in both Pokemon Sword and Shield is Piers. Piers is a Dark-type Pokemon user and he is Marnie’s older brother. Unlike the other Gym Leaders, Piers is not a fan of Dynamax.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Gym Leader Piers

Piers’ Pokemon Lineup

Once you enter Spikemuth region, you will find Piers at Spikemuth Gym with his four Pokemon. Trainers need to defeat his Scrafty (Lvl 44), Malamar (Lvl 45), Obstagoon (Lvl 46), and Skuntank (Lvl 45).

How to Beat Gym Leader Piers

Since Piers’ Pokemon are mixed Dark-type Pokemon, it will be weak against Fairy or Fighting-type moves. In this case, we recommend using Pokemon like Grimmsnarl (Dark/Fairy), Excadrill (Ground/Steel), and Alcremie (Fairy).

Yes, you have enough Fairy and Fighting-type Pokemon, but are their levels enough to match with the Pokemon in the Spikemuth Gym? Before you battle Piers, we recommend to level up your Pokemon at least level 44 or higher.

Piers’ Rewards

Once you defeat Piers, you will receive Spikemuth Gym Badge (Dark Badge), 7,360 money, Dark uniform, TM27 Icy Wind, and ability to catch up to level 55 Pokemon.

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