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How To Defeat Raihan in Pokemon Sword and Shield

We’re finally getting close to meet the best trainer in Galar. But before we meet him, let me introduce you to Raihan. Raihan is the 8th Gym Leader that can be found in Hammerlocke.

Unlike the previous Gym Leaders, Raihan will give you an incredible battle. This is because of the Pokemon that he is using during battles. To learn more about Raihan and how to defeat him, continue reading our guide below.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Gym Leader Raihan

Raihan’s Pokemon Lineup

Raihan is the second strongest trainer in Galar. Most of his Pokemon are Dragon-types, which means you need to rethink what Pokemon to use against him. Currently, Raihan has four Pokemon when you fight him. These are the Flygon (Lvl 47)Gigalith (Lvl 46)Sandaconda (Lvl 46), and Duraludon (Lvl 48).

How to Beat Gym Leader Raihan

Noticing his Pokemon lineup above, they are not all Dragon-type, but a combination of Dragon, Rock, Steel, and Groud-type. Since all Pokemon have their weakness, all you have to do is pick the right Pokemon to use in battle. Some of the Pokemon that you can use are Sylveon (Fairy), Conkeldurr (Fighting), Machamp (Fighting), Dugtrio (Ground), and Flygon (Ground).

But before you actually fight the Gym Leader, first, you need to beat some trainers namely Sebastian with Pelipper (Lvl 45) and Sliggo (Lvl 45), Camilla with Turtonator (Lvl 45) and Ninetales (Lvl 45), and Aria with Abomasnow (Lvl 45) and Hakamo-o (Lvl 45).

To make things easier when fighting Raihan, it is recommended to use a Level 46 or higher Pokemon.

Raihan’s Rewards

Once you manage to beat Raihan, you will receive TM 99 Breaking Swipe, Dragon uniform, and the ability to train and catch Pokemon of any level. This is a preparation for your final fight against Leon.

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