Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite – All Trainer Levels, Requirements, and Rewards

Pokemon Unite is finally here. Just like any other Pokemon game, this new MOBA game from TiMi Studios and The Pokemon Company comes with trainer levels. Everyone will start at Level 1 and as soon as they progress in the game, players will be able to gain experience that will increase their levels. As a reward for reaching a certain level, trainers will receive in-game rewards such as Pokemon, gold, and more.

To help you prepare for the battle in Pokemon Unite, below is the complete list of Pokemon Unite trainer levels and rewards. We also include the required XP to reach a certain trainer level in the game.

Pokemon Unite Trainer Level and Rewards

LevelXP RequirementReward
3250+950 Gold
6950Ranked Mode Unlocked
71,400X Attack
82,050X Defense
92,900+50 Item Upgrade
103,950Fluffy Tail
115,200Eject Button
126,650+50 Item Upgrade
138,300White Smoke
1410,150Full Heal
1512,200+50 Item Upgrade
1614,400Goal accelerator
1716,750+300 Ticket
1819,250+80 Item Upgrade
1921,900+80 Item Upgrade
2024,700+300 Ticket
2128,050+80 Item Upgrade
2231,950+80 Item Upgrade
2336,400+300 Ticket
2441,400+80 Item Upgrade
2546,950+950 Gold
2652,550+300 Ticket
2758,200+80 Item Upgrade
2863,900+950 Gold
2969650+300 Ticket
3075,450+100 Item Upgrade
3181,350+950 Gold
3287,350+300 Ticket
3393,450+100 Item Upgrade
3499,650+950 Gold
35105,950+300 Ticket
36112,300+100 Item Upgrade
37118,700+950 Gold
38125,150+300 Ticket
39131,650+100 Item Upgrade
40138,600+100 Item Upgrade

Pokemon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices.

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