Propnight Update 1.0.10 Patch Notes

Developer FNTASTIC has just rolled out the newest Propnight update 1.0.10, and players can now start downloading the new patch. While this new update does not bring any major update to the game, it does address the bugs and other in-game issues that have been reported since the release of the previous update.

All in all, Propnight patch 1.0.10 highlights the rebalancing of all maps, bug fixes, and some in-game balancing. In addition, the new update also brings some under the hood performance upgrades.

To know more about this update, feel free to check the full release notes below.

Propnight Update 1.0.10 Patch Notes

  • Rebalancing of all maps
  • Props – prop movement speed increased by 9%
  • Props – fixed an issue due to which some small props could not stun the Killer
  • Killers – increased the head stun area of all Killers, which should make the prop gameplay more responsive
  • Impostor – prop movement speed reduced to the same as Survivors
  • Impostor – Prop cooldown reduced from 7 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Granny – now only 1 Mine knife can be placed
  • Granny – returned the ability to attack during Astral, but reduced the Astral movement speed by 7%
  • Tools – efficiency increased by 2 times
  • Minor visual fixes

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