Platinum End

Platinum Fim do Episódio 14 Data e hora de lançamento confirmadas

Platinum Fim do Episódio 14 cronograma de lançamento foi finalmente anunciado após o lançamento do episódio anterior. Depois de uma pequena pausa, Mirai retorna no último episódio da série de anime. Aqui está o Platinum End Episode 14 data e hora de lançamento em PT, AET, CEST, BST, e mais.

Quando é o episódio final do Platinum 14 data de lançamento?

Platinum Fim do Episódio 14 is scheduled to be officially released on Friday, Janeiro 14, 2022. The 14th episode of the anime will be airing on Japan’s local TV channels such as TBS, BS11, e mais. After it airs in Japan, the official streaming partners will also be sharing the new episodes on their platforms.

Quando é o episódio final do Platinum 14 release time?

Platinum Fim do Episódio 14 is slated to broadcast on January 14th, por aí 1:28 SOU (JST). The mentioned release time is based on the release of the anime in Japan. For fans outside of Japan, here’s the release time for Episode 14 of the Platinum End anime.

  • January 13th at 8:28 SOU (PT)
  • January 14th at 3:28 SOU (AET)
  • January 13th at 6:28 PM (CEST)
  • January 13th at 5:28 PM (BST)

Where to watch Platinum End Episode 14?

Platinum End is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Premium subscribers of both streaming services can watch the new episode as soon as it goes live. Apart from the 14th episode, premium subscribers can also stream all the previously released episodes of the anime for free.

We highly recommend watching the new episode as soon as possible to prevent yourself from getting spoiled. If you can’t watch Platinum End Episode 14 on the slated release date and time, you may want to temporarily stay away from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, where they usually discuss the Platinum End anime.