Quick Tips and Tricks Every Players Should Know in OTXO

This guide aims to assist you in improving your gameplay by providing useful tips and tricks.

Be Ready

Familiarizing yourself with the recurring pattern of levels can be helpful in anticipating the appearance of bosses. This knowledge can allow you to choose an appropriate weapon, even if it’s low on ammunition.

  • Bar
  • Room Clear
  • Room Clear
  • Room Clear
  • Bar
  • Room Clear
  • Room Clear
  • Boss Fight
  • NEXT Level Bar

Occasionally, you may come across rooms with story elements and a gachapon machine, but they have no impact on the level sequence.

Free Money

After encountering a random event at the lighthouse for the first time, you’ll unlock the ability to fish. To get started, speak with the fisherman by the boat after dying, and he’ll give you a fishing rod. This presents an opportunity to earn some quick cash at the beginning of the game. To catch a fish, simply approach a body of water and click the interaction button. When you see a big splash, click again to reel in your catch.

Arrows On Enemies

By adjusting the settings under the accessibility section, you can raise the number of enemies that are marked for easier identification.

Reroll Drinks For Free

To avoid spending money on rerolling drinks, try saving and exiting the bar. Upon returning to the game, a new set of drinks will be available for purchase. You can repeat this process as many times as needed until you obtain the desired drink.

Good Abilities For Clearing Rooms

When it comes to clearing rooms, the most effective perks are explosive barrels and Roxy. Barrels can often eliminate all enemies in a room with one shot. As for Roxy, she can take care of enemies on her own as long as you open the door for her and avoid drawing enemy fire. She’s currently able to move around unnoticed by enemies, and in fact, she could potentially beat the game on her own if she knew how to open doors.

Bad Abilities

Using a single bullet to open doors and windows is arguably the least effective ability in the game. This tactic often results in alerting additional enemies that you cannot manage or control.

Shotguns Blast Doors Open

Shotguns will blast doors open in one shot.

Ability Count

OTXO features a total of 100 abilities, consisting of 80 base abilities and 20 unlockable abilities.

Throwing Guns Kills Enemies

If you throw a gun and it hits an enemy it will kill them. You will need to be close as guns can’t be thrown very far.

First Area Is Always The Same

The first area of the mansion will always be The Infinite Foyer

Effective Use Of Focus

Knowing how many shots it takes to kill an enemy with a particular weapon can be helpful in preparing for encounters. Before entering a room, position yourself so that the enemies are in your line of sight. Fire as needed, adding a few extra shots for good measure, and then quickly turn off your focus. Repeat this process for each subsequent room.

Additionally, be sure to turn off your focus while reloading your weapons. You can also anticipate enemies that may be lurking around corners by aiming to quickly dispatch them when they appear. Create noise to draw them out, and when the enemy is almost visible, activate your focus and take the shot.

Blind Longshot

After studying the environments in-depth, it’s possible to shoot at enemies even if they are not within your direct line of sight. The bullet’s range is unlimited – just aim in the direction indicated by the arrow that points towards the enemy.

Grenade Immediate Explosion

If a grenade hits an enemy it will immediately explode on impact.

What Is A Splatter

A ‘splatter’ refers to an enemy’s head exploding, and it occurs randomly – much like a critical hit in other games.

Door Kills

Kicking down a door while an enemy is behind it will instantly kill them.

Misplaced Chambers

Those random rooms you encounter are called Misplaced Chambers. Every Misplaced Chamber contains a gacha machine. You can use 250 coins at the gacha machine, and you will either get a new gun or a collectible.

Save And Quit Abuse

If you feel like you are in danger and you’re going to die, you can save and quit. Once you load back into the game, you will be at the start of whatever level you were on. This also works for bosses.

Too Many Open Doors Get You Swarmed

Make sure you don’t open too many doors at once because this will allow a lot of enemies to come to you at the same time, and you will be swarmed with enemies.

Technomancer Drone Shoots Through Doors

If you have the Technomancer ability, which gives you a flying support drone, the drone can shoot through doors and kill enemies without the doors being open.

Grenades Can’t Be Thrown Through Windows

You can’t throw grenades through windows (unless the window is broken, of course).

Gun Customize In Run

You can also customize the weapons in the passage with the help of a nun. For example, you can leave only pistols (it’s easier to dodge them) and a couple of weapons (high damage) to kill bosses

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