Ranch Simulator – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

This a simple guide for another game that I absolutely love. It’s very fun to play, it could get upgraded tho. I’ll try to put everything in the guide and I hope it helps you out.


Ranch Simulator is a Windows game that offers a giant simulation involving a ranch. Once you begin playing, you will be bestowed with a family homestead by your grandfather. Since the ranch is now rundown, you will need time, money, and skills to restore the ranch to its former glory. You can also play the game with your friends to make it more fun. It includes everything you think of while thinking of the word ”Ranch”; like hunting, cooking, building, taking care of you animals, meeting new people etc.



Chickens are available from the General Store for purchase. You can use any vehicle to transport them to your ranch. I suggest after taking them to your ranch, build a small fence and a coop to keep them safe and secure so they don’t run around your whole ranch. And It makes collecting eggs easier. Hens are $50 each and available in 3 colors and Roosters are $250 each and available in 2 colors.

Hens lay eggs on their own and you don’t need a rooster. Rooster will only help you fertilize an egg to keep making new little chicks so you don’t have to keep buying them. So 1 rooster per coop is a great thing.

You can gather eggs by hand and put them in a basket that you can buy in the general store.

You also have to feed your chickens with wheat from the general store to keep them alive and well.

If you are breeding chickens not every egg will be fertilized. You check that with ovoscope where you place the eggs (you get it in the general store).

The eggs are placed in one of four slots and when the ovoscope is turned on, the egg will illuminate which will allow you to see if there is a dark spot on the egg with veining around it. The other quick way to figure it out is if you pick up the egg and the hen attacks you it means its fertilized and the little chick will hatch.

You can get a lot of different things out of breeding / having chickens. Maybe you only want them to lay eggs and sell them? Maybe want to breed them? Maybe you want them just for fun? Or maybe you want to sell their meat (which you can do by killing them with a handgun) is up to you.


Pigs are very profitable animals in the game. Male and female pigs are available in the general store for $300 each and can be transported to the ranch with a vehicle. (Again I advise you to build a fence).

They don’t require a lot of attention other then having food (wheat from the store) and water.

I suggest getting both male and female so you can have baby pigs and with that, you don’t have to keep buying pigs to raise and slaughter later. Each pig grows with each day that passes, when they reach full size a week after you can kill them with a handgun and sell their meat to the store or make sausages and sell those.


There are different varieties of cows/bulls in the game.

Dairy Cow: $650

Dairy Bull: $800

Beef Cow: $800

Beef Bull: $1000

Of course, you breed them dairy – dairy, and beef – beef but you can probably already tell the difference. Dairy cows are more profitable in giving you milk and beef cows are more profitable for you in giving you meat.

Again I suggest breeding them its quite easy just have at least 1 bull and 1 cow of the same species. And build a fence and a barn with food (wheat) and water to keep them safe and happy.

Cows can be milked with a bucket or milking machine. Milk can be then sold or used for making different dishes.

And of course beef cows/bulls are raised to give you new calfs who are then raised from generation to generation until they are old enough for slaughter and meat can be either sold or used for making dishes.


Goats are available in the general store. They are bred the same way other animals are – 1 female and 1 male, and they’re used to produce meat AND milk.

Keep them fenced and give them water and food (wheat) to keep them happy.

If you’re milking goats you do that the same way you do with cows – either with a bucket or milking machine.

When you use the storing bucket for milk you can only use one type of milk, once u use it once, that same container cannot be used to milk the other animal.


Horses are completely different from the other animals in the game. You can’t purchase them in any store on the ranch. You can only get them at the auction house, which is near your ranch. It costs you $50 to travel there.

Once you are there you will see many horses in different colors and with different skills. (Skills shown on the auction are the ones when the horse is fully trained – You get the horse untrained)

Once you bid on the horse you will return to the ranch with it. You can also make great profit by building a training ring and training horses and then selling them at exact same auction.


You can access your building book by pressing TAB. You can place anything from this book on your ranch but you cannot build outside of your ranch. You will need different building materials depending on what you’re currently building. You usually need planks, metal, glass, and concrete to build your builds. You can make planks by cutting down trees and cutting wood with a table saw. Other materials can be bought at the hardware store.


You can build a well that gives you unlimited water instead of buying it from the general store and it makes your life so much easier especially if you have animals that need constant water to keep them healthy and alive.


There are five coops available for building: Small, Medium, Big, Premium, and Expensive. Each of them requires more building material than the other. I suggest making a big coop. There’s a place for quite a few chickens but you don’t need much bigger than that. A small coop is way too small so I wouldn’t even spend money or materials on it.

Granaries and Windmills

Granaries and windmills will make your life easier on the ranch especially if you have A LOT of animals already. They can be constructed on your ranch to automatically fill troughs, water bowls, and feeders within their radius.

Granaries automatically refill feeders and troughs, and windmills will automatically refill all water bowls.


Barns are usually built for pigs, cows, and goats and you can even build them for your horses. I don’t find them ”A MUST” in the game but it just makes your ranch more…. ”ranchy”

Most of the time I build them for looks more than functionality. It does make milking cows easier in my opinion.


The first task that you get when playing the game is to take down your old ranch. After that, you are able to build your own new house. There are a few different houses you can choose from. Some are more expensive than others and need more materials. I suggest buying (at least at the beginning) a smaller house if you really need to because you don’t really need the house except for resting (saving the game). storing food and cooking.

Other Builds

You can also build other objects on your ranch such as fences, lights, gates, tables, etc. To make your ranch really special and your own. They all cost you building materials that you can buy.


Gas Station

Of course, the place that saves you from traveling on foot. The gas station will help you fill up all your cars to survive driving from store to store and transporting animals and materials.

General Store

The General Store I would say is the most important, especially at the beginning of the whole game. You buy your food and animals there. You can buy AND sell items there.

When you buy items they are dropped on the yellow-black cart spot on the left of the station. And when you want to sell your items you place them in the same spot, go to the store to the machine and sell them.

Please note that when you are buying animals be quick with them. The area of the store is not closed off and animals will run in every direction possible.

The store also has time when it opens and closes so you can’t buy anything at night.

Hardware Store

The hardware store is where you can purchase building materials, machines, and tools for making dairy and meat products, trailers, mowers, and many other items.

Especially if you’re too lazy to cut down trees to get wood and cut them to get planks this is the easy way out if you have the money.

Please note that everything you buy will wait for you outside so have a car prepared to drive everything you bought to your ranch by yourself.

The paint machine is also found in this store where you can purchase a can of paint.

Car Shop

The place where you can buy all your dream vehicles. You can buy them in this building by using a computer. You can also customize/modify them in the garage next to the car shop to make them your own.

Burger Restaurant

In all honesty, I use this place the least. You can sell your produce here mostly meat from your animals, but you can also sell that in the general store. So I really almost never use this place but it does exist so I’m letting you know about it xD


There are a variety of recipes in the game that you can cook.

From chicken, beef, or pork. you can make sausage and meatballs. Sausage and meatballs can be enhanced by the addition of an egg or some milk.

Milk can be used to make curd and cheese. An egg can also be added to curd or cheese to increase the price when sold.

Here’s a video that will explain some more things about that:


To make this you need a pot, a meat grinder, a sausage stuffer, and MEAT.

1. Place a piece of meat into the meat grinder

2. Place the pot into the green highlighted spot next to the grinder.

3. Grind the meat and it will appear in the pot.

4. To get a sausage grab the pot by clicking on it and press E on the sausage stuffer to insert the ground meat.

5. Then use the sausage stuffer to produce sausage.

You can sell them raw or dry them like meatballs.


To make this, you need a pot, a meat grinder, and MEAT.

1. Place a piece of meat into the meat grinder.

2. Place the pot into the green highlighted spot next to the grinder.

3. Grind the meat and it will appear in the pot.

4. To grab the meatball press E on the pot and the meatball will appear in your hand.

If you want you can sell the meatballs raw or can dry them on a drying rack.


There are different types of cheese in the game that you can make.

1. Cow cheese

2. Goat cheese

3. Blue mold cheese

4. White mold cheese

For making cheese you either have a house with a stove built or buy a cooker from the store.


Hunting can be quite fun and interesting part of the game. You can make money by selling wild meat to the stores. I suggest if you go on a long hunt bring a larger vehicles with you to store your meat so you can drive off and sell it immediately


Deer are very common in the game and you see them a lot no matter if you’re walking, driving or just hanging on the farm they will run around the property, roads, woods, etc. They are very easy to kill so you can have some fun with that.


Surprisingly bears are easier to find than wolves. Bears are found in the area south of the lake. You will need to shoot them multiple times. They are also very strong so beware of the bear xD. You can die easily from them.


Wolves are the rarest animals to find on the map and I usually never find them. If you see a wolf is pretty easy to kill. They will chase you and you can shoot them with a handgun and they will go down with only one shot. But beware because if they do catch up to you they can be quite strong and can kill you.


Gardening is a fun feature in the game where you can produce your own vegetables and fruits. You get seeds from the general store and you go from there.

1. Build a garden plot (you can choose between small or large).

2. Buy seeds at the general store.

3. Plant seed into plot.

4. Water seeds with a water bucket

5. Once the growth bar is 100 it’s ready to harvest

Note: Fertilizer makes plants grow faster!

Different Plants

There are these types of plants in the game:

1. Cabbage

2. Watermelon

3. Pumpkin

4. Tomato

5. Pineapple

6. Bell Peppers

7. Strawberry

8. Grape

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