Disintegration Trophy List and Guide for PS4

Developer V1 Interactive and publisher Private Division have released the official Disintegration trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Disintegration, players will be collecting 29 trophies consisting of 10 bronze, 13 silver, 5 gold, and 1 platinum trophy. There are 4 secret trophies in Disintegration. Check out the full Disintegration trophies for PS4 below.

Disintegration Trophies

Job's DoneComplete all other Trophy requirements.Platinum Trophy
School's OutComplete the training mission.Bronze Trophy
Sensory UpgradeSocket a chip on a crew member.Bronze Trophy
Battle TestedComplete a multiplayer match.Bronze Trophy
Happy Little TreesCraft a custom badge.Bronze Trophy
Suit UpCustomize a multiplayer crew.Bronze Trophy
Side QuestComplete an optional campaign challenge.Bronze Trophy
Scan ManUse scan mode to identify 10 items.Bronze Trophy
Garbage DayCollect 1000 or more salvage in the campaign.Bronze Trophy
Tough StuffComplete a multiplayer challenge.Bronze Trophy
Directorial DebutGet 20 kills using direct targeting in campaign.Bronze Trophy
Defend the Dam (Secret)Complete the Mountain chapter of the campaign.Silver Trophy
Defeat Black Shuck (Secret)Complete the Urban chapter of the campaign.Silver Trophy
Make Meg Fly (Secret)Complete the Desert chapter of the campaign.Silver Trophy
Defeat the Iron Cloud (Secret)Complete the Iceland chapter of the campaign.Silver Trophy
Shell ShockStagger 20 enemies with concussion grenades.Silver Trophy
Timed AdvantageUse your slow field on 20 enemies.Silver Trophy
Death from AboveDestroy 20 enemies with the mortar strike ability.Silver Trophy
Smackdown!Destroy 20 enemies with the ground slam ability.Silver Trophy
Maximum GainsLevel up your crew to level 10.Silver Trophy
The MountaineerComplete all of the Mountain campaign chapter challenges.Silver Trophy
Close Quarters CombatComplete all of the Urban campaign chapter challenges.Silver Trophy
Lone WandererComplete all of the Desert campaign chapter challenges.Silver Trophy
A Freezing FeelingComplete all of the Iceland campaign chapter challenges.Silver Trophy
StorytellerComplete all campaign missions on Recruit difficulty or higher.Gold Trophy
CompletionistComplete all campaign challenges.Gold Trophy
Keen ExplorerFind all bonus salvage containers in the campaign.Gold Trophy
Fully LoadedUpgrade every squad unit fully.Gold Trophy
Historic PerformanceComplete any mission on Outlaw difficulty.Gold Trophy

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