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Ready or Not – List of All Weapons

Here’s the complete list of weapons in Ready or Not. Note that this list is based on the early access of the game, which means that more weapons may be added in the future. We will do our best to keep this list updated.

Ready or Not Weapon List

As of making this Ready or Not weapon list, there’s a total of 30 weapons in the game, including throwable weapons such as grenades and tactical devices.

Secondary Weapons

  • M9A1 – Baretta 92FS incorrectly appears as “M9A1”, although the in-game mode does not feature underbarrel Picatinny rail, unlike the real model.
  • G19 – Glock 19 appears as “G19” in the game.
  • M45A1 – Proper Colt M45A1 CQBP appears in-game as simply “M45A1”. The developer stated that the in-game model is STI DS 2011 but they may change it in the future.
  • USP45 – USP Tactical chambered in .45 ACP appears in-game as “USP45”.
  • 5.7 USG – FN Five-seven FDE with tan frame incorrectly appears in-game as “5.7 USG”.
  • .357 Magnum – 6-inch Royal Blue finish version of Colt Python appears in-game as “.357 Magnum”.
  • Taser – M26 Taser appears simply as “Taser”, and is available as a secondary weapon.

Submachine Gun

  • MP5A2 – H&K MP2A4 appears in-game incorrectly as “MP5A2”, although the in-game model features the burst fire option which the A2 variant doesn’t have.
  • MPX – SIG MPX Gen 2 version with an original telescoping stock of the Gen 1 model appears simply as “MPX”.
  • UMP-45 – H&K UMP45 appears in the game, with stock foldable only at the attachment table for some reason.

Assault Rifle

  • M4A1 – M4A1 in SOPMOD Block I fashion, appears simply as “M4A1”.
  • HK416 – HK416 A5 model modified with Remington Defense handguard and Magpul MOE stock by default appears simply as “HK416”.
  • SR-16 – KAC SR-16E3 CQB, the fully automatic version of the SR-15 appears in-game as simply as “SR-16”.
  • SBR-300 – Wilson Combat SBR Tactical chambered in .300 BLK is available simply as “SBR-300”. Not sure if SBR 300 is available in full auto.
  • SA-58 – SA-58 OSW Carbine appears simply as “SA-58” in-game.
  • TAC700 – TAC700 is a paintball gun that fires pepper ball pallets. The design seems to be based on MP5.


  • Beanbag Shotgun – Remington 870 which is modified to be “Less Lethal” by Wilson Combat is available as “Beanbag Shotgun”. and it uses beanbag rounds hence the name,
  • 870 CQB – Wilson Combat production of the 870, the CQB shotgun appears in-game as “870 CQB”.
  • M4 Super 90 – Benelli M4 Super 90 appears in-game as the Type 1 model with retractable stock.

Long Tactical

  • Breaching Shotgun – Model 500 Cruiser model with Door Breaching Muzzle device attached is available as “Breaching Shotgun”, and is available as Long Tactical gear.
  • Mirrorgun – Mirrorgun is one of the available long tactical gadgets. You can seek through under the door or corners.
  • Ballistic Shield – Ballistic Shield is one of the available long tactical gadgets.
  • Battering Ram – Battering Ram is one of the available long tactical gadgets. You can breach through locked doors with one hit.

Tactical Devices

  • Pepperspray – Pepperspray is available as one of the Tactical devices.
  • C2 Explosives – C2 Explosives is one of the available tactical devices.
  • Door Wedge – Door Wedge is one of the available long tactical gadgets and is usually used to jam and block the doors.
  • Zipcuff – Zipcuff is a piece of default equipment in the game that is used to cuff the civs or suspects.


  • Flashbang – Flashbang is available as one of the throwable grenades.
  • Stinger Grenade – Stinger Grenade is available as one of the throwable grenades.
  • CS Gas – CS Gas is available as one of the throwable grenades.

Here’s a preview of the weapons in action in the game:

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