Redeem Your Promo Codes In Pokemon GO and Get Free Rewards

Niantic has started sending promo codes to Pokemon GO players who are not playing the game often. According to the reports, old players who have stopped playing the game are receiving emails from Pokemon GO offering them free items if they start playing the game again.

This is a good strategy from Niantic because it will surely lure many players back in the game and encourage them to participate the on-going Pokemon GO events and experience the new features.

In the past few days, active Pokemon GO players also received similar emails which contain a promo code that can be redeemed for a lucky egg and three incubators.

There is no exact explanation how to receive a Pokemon GO promo code, however, active players have been reporting said that their accounts have been linked to Facebook when the feature became available. Meaning, these players stopped using the old login method to access the game, which may result that the system considers the email associated with their account becomes dormant.

After the report has been publicised, many Pokemon GO players started switching their login method so they can also receive some promo codes. Niantic still doesn’t have the solution to this glitch so there’s a chance that you could get one or more promo codes.

In case you haven’t done it yet, we highly recommend to start switching your login method and get a chance to receive free items.