Redtape Achievement Walkthrough Guide

In this guide, I will provide a walkthrough on how to obtain all achievements in Redtape with a 100% completion rate.


  • Estimated difficulty: 1/10
  • Estimated 100% time: 1-2 hours
  • Offline/online achievements: 14 offline / 0 online
  • Number of playthroughs: 1.
  • Glitched achievements: None
  • Missable Achievements: 4

Missable Achievements

Below is a list of all the achievements that are possible to miss while playing the game.

Found Me!

  • To obtain this achievement, you need to reach the 7th floor of the game and interact with the books located behind the lawyer in the lawyer’s office. Once you do this, the achievement will be unlocked.

To Steal from a Thief!

  • In order to obtain this achievement, you must refrain from returning Cupid’s Bow on the second floor of the game. If you succeed in keeping the item in your inventory until the end of the game and exit the game with the box still in your possession, the achievement will unlock.


  • You can obtain this achievement by giving Manaus a cup of coffee without any ice. To do this, simply retrieve a cup of coffee from the machine in the kitchen and immediately give it to Manaus. If you successfully give him the coffee without any ice, the achievement will be unlocked.

Word of Mouth

  • To obtain this achievement, you must speak with all the characters in the game and convince them to follow the company’s social media account after obtaining the phone on the 6th floor. In order to unlock the achievement, you will need to accumulate 1004 followers on the phone. If you are having difficulty finding the last follower, make sure to talk to the vault keeper.

Story Achievements

The remaining achievements are all related to the game’s storyline and can be obtained simply by completing the game from beginning to end.

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