Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village – How to Survive the Beginning Assault

This guide will be giving you quick tips and strategies on how you can beat the beginning section on any difficulty including the village of shadows in Resident Evil: Village. If you’re one of the players having a hard time dealing with this section, this one is for you.

How to Survive in Resident Evil: Village

First Encounter

When you first encounter a lycan just run back into the house in order to find some bolt cutters and escape without wasting a bullet.

Defend the House

During this section, you only need to kill one lycan which will come in through the wall next to the staircase. Save your ammunition for this one lycan because this is the only one that actually enters the house.

There is a method that allows you to kill the lycan without using ammo if your having trouble but it is finicky what you essentially do is knife 2 times then block this will put you in the stagger state but if you do it right it will not outright kill you.

Objective: Survive

Now that you out of the house the first thing you want to do is break the box next to the staircase where you’ll go to find the shotgun. Next, climb the staircase and barricade yourself in, now what you want to do is just loot and don’t even worry about the lycan’s breaking the barricade.

Once you’ve looted the house wait until the barricade breaks and then you can either jump down the hole or hit the flour bag to stun them to gain more time.

Now that your down the hole pick up the scrap metal and exit through the crouch hole but make sure to hit the flour on your way out so you don’t take damage exiting the building.

Next, you run up the hill and break the box next to the building then move right to circle around and enter then barricade. This is where you’ll hold up until you get grabbed. Knife the lycan at the window and only shoot the lycan breaking the barricade because those are the only 2 entrances. Eventually, you’ll get grabbed by a lycan and thrown out.

Note: You do not need to be outside to trigger the cut scene.


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