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Ring of Elysium 3rd Anniversary Patch Notes and Details

Ring of Elysium developer just released the full patch notes for the 3rd anniversary event in the game. We already got the list of changes and features for your reading pleasure.

The release notes that have been released for this patch only include the new features for the Ring of Elysium 3rd anniversary special event. While the developer did not include the changes and bug fixes for this patch, we can guarantee that the release of the update includes some under the hood fixes. Learn more about the new update below.

Ring of Elysium 3rd Anniversary Patch Notes

During the event, players can obtain character shards via:

  • Playing in non-training mode games
  • Completing daily missions
  • Completing daily check-ins
  • Purchasing shard supply boxes with coins

After collecting enough character shards, you can redeem the corresponding Anniversary Exclusive Character to unlock it permanently (Lilo, Vivian, and Hawk).

Please note that you do not need to own any previous season characters in order to use the Anniversary Exclusive Characters. After the event, event items will be reclaimed by the system, and redeem panel will be closed.

Anniversary Daily Check-in

  • From Sep. 16 to Oct. 13, make sure to log-in and check-in daily for a set amount of Hawk character shards!

Anniversary Missions

  • From Sep. 16 to Oct. 13, complete the daily mission by playing in 3 Squad games in any game mode and earn supply boxes, each box contains character shards for a random character.

Normal Mode Map Adjusted

  • Adjustment period: Sep. 16 to Oct. 21, 2021.
  • Based on the results of the Community Map Vote event, Normal Mode’s map has been adjusted to Mt. Dione.
  • Each Wednesday/Thursday’s limited-time mode has been adjusted to Grand Adventure.

EP Store

  • Limited-time offer: To celebrate the anniversary, ALL previous Weapon Skin Supply Boxes in the EP store has been given a 20% discount (Sep 16 to Oct 13).
  • New in EP Store: [Third Anniversary Weapon Skin Supply Box], priced at 100 EP, open to get a random reward inside the box, rewards include 9 brand-new skins, including 3 Epic and 6 Rare skins.

New in Coin Store:

  • [Zodiac Accessories Box], priced at 8000 coins, open to get a random reward inside the box, rewards include 12 zodiac-themed accessories.
  • [1st Anniversary Character Trial Box] and [2nd Anniversary Trial Box], priced at 680 coins, open to get a limited-time trial version of the 7 previous Anniversary Adventurer Characters (only available from Sep 16 to Oct 13).
  • [Vivian Shards Box], priced at 200 coins, open to randomly get 1-3 Anniversary Vivian character shards (only available from Sep 16 to Oct 13).

Ring of Elysium 3rd Anniversary event will officially kick off starting from September 16, 2021, until October 13, 2021.

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