Valorant Closed Beta

Riot Games Banned Valorant Beta Account Sellers and Botters

In an announcement earlier today, Riot Games has revealed that they have banned multiple Valorant beta accounts due to the unauthorized selling of the accounts.

Riot Games has a unique way to give players access to participate in Valorant closed beta. Getting a Valorant beta account is free but it’s not an easy task to do. And because of this, some users are abusing the system and profiting by selling their beta accounts.

While things may sound crazy, that’s what actually happening right now. If you visit eBay and search for Valorant, you will be seeing a lot of beta accounts being sold for a very high price ranging from $50 to $200.

Valorant Beta Accounts for Sale

Fortunately, it seems that the reports have reached the developer and they quickly took action to address the issue.

In a Tweet posted today, Riot Games confirmed that they have banned Valorant beta account sellers and brothers to free up more entitlements. Riot also said that they are still tracking more suspicious accounts and encouraged everyone not to buy Valorant accounts.

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