EA Sports FC 24: Disappearing Goalkeeper Bug Reported

We’re just at the beginning of the EA FC 24 game cycle, and you might expect a new game to work smoothly, but, well, glitches are part of the EA experience. The latest problem in EA FC 24 is a real head-scratcher, though. It leaves the goal wide open for easy tap-ins!

Even though FC 24 was released worldwide a few days ago, it’s already dealing with its fair share of errors and bugs. The early access period wasn’t spared either. But the newest glitch is something else entirely.

This glitch is infuriating because it’s so simple it shouldn’t have made it past testing. And it could have a huge impact on FC 24 Ultimate Team, FC 24 Career Mode, and FC 24 Clubs.

In a video shared on Instagram by futtiesgram, goalkeepers are mysteriously vanishing from their posts! The clip starts with some good news: goalkeepers are more likely to get booked and sent off in FC 24. That means no more reckless challenges when they rush out of goal to stop an attack.

But then something strange happens. Once the goalkeeper gets a second yellow card, is sent off, and a penalty is given, there’s no one protecting the goal! You don’t even have the option to bring in another goalkeeper to attempt a penalty save. Instead, the player taking the penalty can simply kick the ball into the unguarded net!

So far, we’ve only seen one video of this glitch. We’re not sure if it happens every time a goalkeeper gets sent off in FC 24 or how widespread the problem is. EA needs to fix this fast because it could lead to a lot of broken controllers!

This glitch is probably limited to FC 24’s online modes like Ultimate Team. That’s because you can’t pause the game after conceding a penalty in those modes. It’s a move to prevent players from quitting before their opponent takes a penalty that could change the game’s outcome.