River City Girls 2 – Secret Store Location Guide

Are you looking for the secret store in River City Girls 2? This hidden shop, called Merlin’s Mystery, can be found in the West Tunnel, to the left of the Downtown bus stop. To locate it, head to the tunnel and walk along the north wall until you see a yellow star painted with spray. This marks the entrance to the store.

To enter the store, press and hold the light attack button while standing in front of the star. Inside, you’ll find two items for sale: the Bunny Button and the Tank Button. These items cost $5,000 each and offer special abilities – the Bunny Button allows you to move extremely fast, while the Tank Button increases your attack power but slows your movement.

You can equip both of these items at the same time to get a tanky, massive attack boost while still retaining some of the speed boost from the Bunny Button. Keep in mind that these are the most expensive items in the game, so you’ll need to save up if you want to purchase them.

Now that you know where to find the secret store in River City Girls 2, you can explore the West Tunnel and see what other secrets it holds. Happy hunting!