Roady Life

Roady Life Controls Guide

Hapax’s Roady LifeThe game isn’t just a normal driving simulation game. The game has more features to offer than expected. You will be playing the role of a truck driver, and your task will be to deliver cargo from one place to another. A driver should not only know the basic driving skills but also know the advanced Roady Life controls. This page will detail all the important key bindings and shortcuts for Roady Life.

Roady Life Controls

If you’re not comfortable with the default Roady Life key bindings, you can remap them in the settings section of the game.

Player MovementW A S D
Teleport to StartDelete
Toggle Display of Interaction ZoneN
Accelerate VehicleW
Load ResourcesR
Unload ResourcesI
Jettison All ResourcesDelete
Go to Next VehicleTab
Go to Previous VehicleShift + Tab
Decrease Speed Limiter1
Increase Speed Limiter2
Toggle Speed Limiter3
Connect/Disconnect Trailer/HookG
Rotate Crane LeftNum 6
Rotate Crane RightNum 4
Tilt Crane DownNum 8
Tilt Crane UpNum 2
Extend CraneNum 9
Retract CraneNum 7
Move Hook DownNum +
Move Hook UpNum –
Rotate Hook RightNum 3
Rotate Hook LeftNum 1
Toggle Torch Light / Vehicle LightsF
Select Active ItemV
Construction ModeB
Rotate Construction LeftLeft Arrow
Rotate Construction RightRight Arrow
Show CursorLeft Ctrl
Hide / Show User InterfaceF8
Game MenuEsc
Show HelpF1
Zoom In/OutMouse Wheel
Roady Life Controls

With all the listed controls for Roady Life above, you’re now well equipped to ride in your favorite truck and deliver all the cargo to its location safely. Good luck!

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