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Rogue Legacy 2 Update 0.7.1 Patch Notes

Developer Cellar Door Games is rolling out the latest Rogue Legacy 2 update 0.7.1, and we have the complete list of changes for you to read. According to the official release notes, patch 0.7.1 brings some gameplay changes and bug fixes. Some of the most notable gameplay changes are the Gunslinger buff and Rock Star nerf. In addition to these changes, the new update also adds more in-game performance enhancements.

Unfortunately, since the release of the last update, players have been experiencing several in-game issues. With today’s 0.7.1 patch, these issues should now be gone. As for the total download file size, the developer did not reveal any details about it.

Check out the full update changelog below.

Rogue Legacy 2 Update 0.7.1 Patch Notes

Gameplay Changes/Additions

  • Gunslinger (Buff): Cooldown per Makeshift Dynamite raised from 5 seconds to 8 seconds. Now restores ALL charges of dynamite, rather than one at a time (timer still starts the moment you use 1 dynamite).
  • Gunslinger (Buff): Skill Crit. bullets raised from last 5 to last 8.
  • Rock Star (Nerf): Damage from 315% to 285% scaling.
  • Added an additional tutorial hint for Echo’s Heirloom.
  • Improved the hint for accessing one of the new Scars.
  • Dreamcatcher Relic no longer spawns in Scar Challenges.
  • Burden of Armor reduction reduced from 2% per level to 1%.
  • Emotional Dysregularity now applies to all abilities that cost Mana rather than just Spells.
  • Changed the logic so that if the player gets hit on the same frame as they Spin Kick something, they will be awarded any on-hit bonuses.
  • Added some spacing to Glossary entries to improve readability.
  • Potions spawned from Exploding Casket Syndrome now deal hazard damage instead of enemy damage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed candy applying INT scaling multiple times.
  • Fixed bug where reloading a save with no ammo would fail to trigger the countdown, resulting in sometimes permanently being unable to recharge your ammo for a specific hero.
  • Fixed Resolve loss sometimes not displaying the correct number due to rounding.
  • Fixed bug where Magic Wand was not applying Charged for Spells that incrementally cost Mana over time, like FlameBarrier.
  • Fixed bug where replaying the Two Lovers Scar would cause Enoch to not recast his Void balls when mode-shifting.
  • Fixed regression bug where enemies would sometimes get knocked back in the wrong direction when hit by a projectile.
  • Fixed bug where tick damage status effects would sometimes not trigger the last tick of damage.
  • Fixed bug where Spoon would bounce weirdly when hitting snow crystals.
  • Fixed regression bug where Synethesia was no longer being properly positioned on projectiles.
  • Fixed bug where Starting Gold Cap was not being displayed in the Skill Tree when upgrading the Offshore Bank Gold Cap.
  • Fixed regression bug where player was sticking to slopes when dashing.
  • Fixed regression bug where changing from a class with the Magic Wand to a new class with less Mana (easy to do via Scar Challenges) was triggering the Charged bonus to the new class.
  • The Magic Wand’s aim indicator now disappears on death.
  • Charon’s Scythe particle effects now disappears on death.
  • Fixed bug where Gonghead’s knockback defense was dropping when it did its Dash Attack.
  • Fixed bug where all shops were displaying rounded down values for percent numbers that had decimals (e.g. 2.5% was rounded down to 2%). This only affected the display, and not the actual stat the player was given.
  • Fixed text wrapping issue with Skill Tree entries.
  • Fixed bug where Flying Hammer’s targeted attack would grow in size after they were frozen.
  • Fixed longstanding bug where Arena rooms could desync the world generation, resulting in a room mismatch that would prevent the world from loading when teleporting to different biomes.
  • Fixed crash bug when swapping out of Charon’s Scythe via Curio Shoppe.
  • Fixed Haunted Hallows’ Eve event ending too early.
  • Fixed bug where Rage Tincture’s damage boost would stay active on Hephaestus’ Hammer even after the player’s invincibility wore off.
  • The SFX that plays after getting a Charged status effect now only plays the first time it is applied, rather than every time it refreshes.
  • Attempted to improve the bounce logic to the spoon to reduce the odds of it bouncing back into its target, resulting in a double-hit. This will probably not be addressed 100% since the ricochet is physics-based.
  • Puritan now only triggers on Zombies when they dig out of the ground.
  • Fixed bug where the Paranoid and Exploding Casket Syndrome traits were not spawning potions and sometimes soft-locked the game.
  • Fixed bug where Paranoid potion projectiles dealt no damage.
  • Fixed bug where “Ability Ready!” would appear on every hit for certain abilities.
  • Fixed bug where the Stew Talent would not go on cooldown until you quit and re-entered the game.
  • Fixed bug where the new triple Orbiter hazards were instantly killing the player.
  • Fixed bug where the Scythe’s first projectile would always Skill Crit, no matter the enemy’s health.
  • Fixed crash bug caused by quitting to Main Menu while standing on a magic platform.
  • Fixed regression bug where Mimic Chests could double jump or start attacks while in mid-air.
  • Fixed bug where Advanced/Expert Mimic Chests were not dash attacking at the player when becoming aggroed.
  • Fixed bug where Curio Shoppes would sometimes reroll Fabled Weapons you’d already seen.
  • Fixed bug where equipping any Burden would result in a completely different world build, even with the same seed. This made debugging seeds impossible.
  • Fixed bug where Hallows’ Eve spiderweb decorations were playing chain sound effects.
  • Fixed bug where Axe Knight spin projectiles were not being destroyed when the enemy was culled, so they would live on forever on top of the enemy.
  • Fixed bug where you could not cancel Flame Barrier if you had less than the Mana required to start it.
  • Fixed bug where Targets were dropping explosive potions if you had Exploding Casket Syndrome.
  • Fixed bug where Fates’ Die was triggering via retaliation damage and not resetting the kill counter.
  • Fixed rare crash bug caused by closing the game directly from the Docks.
  • Fixed longstanding crash bug caused by entering the Docks with the Synesthesia trait after dying in a room with an Orbiter or Windmill hazard in the previous run with a character that also had Synesthesia.
  • Fixed regression bug where exiting a Fairy Room before activating it, then returning to the room, activating it, and opening the Fairy Chest would not mark the Fairy Rules as completed.
  • (Third) Attempted fix for crash bug caused by closing the app while an enemy had the invincibility status effect active.
  • Attempted fix for rare crash bug related to entering a Scar challenge.
  • Fixed bug where charge-attacking with the Lancer caused glitchy white lines to appear.
  • Fixed bug where Mimic Chest poison coin particle effects would appear in incorrect positions.
  • Fixed bug where weapons were clipping through the background of the Scar Complete screen.
  • Fixed bad merge room leading to a solid wall (again).
  • Fixed bad title text for the Study’s secret room.
  • Fixed inverted teleporter placement.
  • Fixed bugged room where enemies would no longer spawn.
  • Fixed numerous prop bugs.
  • Fixed several mixing issues with SFXs.
  • Fixed several text issues.

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