RogueCube Trophies for PS4

Developer Bipolar Dawn and publisher Ratalaika Games have released the official RogueCube trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In RogueCube, players will be collecting 13 trophies consisting of 1 silver, 11 gold, and 1 platinum trophies. There are no secret trophies in RogueCube. Check out the full RogueCube trophies for PS4 below.


HypercubeGet all other trophies.Platinum Trophy
Cheese RoyaleUnlock Sam.Gold Trophy
QuackUnlock Beack.Gold Trophy
Where's the Pizza?Unlock Ninja.Gold Trophy
First BloodKill your first enemy.Silver Trophy
Home Run!Hit an enemy returning a bullet with your melee weapon.Gold Trophy
EverydayPlay a daily run.Gold Trophy
Beach BoyComplete the Beach levels.Gold Trophy
I Don't Need ThemComplete a level without opening any chest.Gold Trophy
Cube LoverSpawn 10 times.Gold Trophy
Cubic PassionSpawn 20 times.Gold Trophy
RufusDefeat Rufus.Gold Trophy
The PlantDefeat The Plant.Gold Trophy

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