Ronin: Two Souls

Ronin: Two Souls Keyboard Controls And Shortcuts

Planning to play Ronin: Two Souls? If yes, then you should get yourself familiar with the Ronin: Two Souls keyboard controls to make things easier in the game. Below is the complete list of controls for Ronin: Two Souls on PC.

Please note that these are the default Ronin: Two Souls PC keyboard controls and you have the option to customize them.

Ronin: Two Souls Controls

Esc Back/Exit
1 Stance 1
2 Stance 2
3 Stance 3
Q Quest Menu
W Walk Forward
A Walk Right
S Walk Backwards
D Walk Left
E Interact
Left Shift Sprint
Left Ctrl Toggle Walk
C Camera
Space Jump/Skip Dialogue
M Map
I Inventory
J Journal
Enter Confirm
Del Drop to Selected Item
Arrow Up
Arrow Down
Arrow Left
Arrow Right
Left Mouse Click Attack
Right Mouse Click Deflect