Bloodborne Remaster

Rumors Hints Bloodborne Remaster for PS5

Bloodborne is being remastered for the PlayStation 5 and will be released later in 2021, according to “SoulsHunt.”In addition, the version may also make it to the PC, confirming old rumors about the game no longer being exclusive. For those waiting for a sequel, he said it won’t happen.

The leaker revealed that FromSoftware is not responsible for the project as it is focused on Elden Ring and new IPs. Bluepoint Studios, from the Demon’s Souls Remake, isn’t behind the remastering either. “SoulsHunt” did not say which studio was tweaking the title for the PS5, which it said was “ambitious”.

Here’s the translation using Google Translate:

Many are waiting for a sequel to Bloodborne but that won’t happen. FS prefers to focus on new IPs However, Bloodborne will be released this year on PS5 (later on PC)! The remaster is not developed by Bluepoint nor FS but is ambitious

It is worth noting that Bloodborne for the PlayStation 5 and PC has not been officially announced. As a result, consider this news to be a rumor.

Evidence of an improved version of the game for the latest hardware is nothing new. In September 2020, FNAC, a French retailer, listed “Bloodborne Remastered” on a list of “PS5 games”. In the same month, RedGamingTech, a YouTuber known for reporting leaks, confirmed that the game’s remaster would be released on the PlayStation 5 and PC.

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