Saints Row Fast Travel

Saints Row (2022) Fast Travel | All Locations and How to Unlock

Just like any other open-world video game, the newest Saints Row reboot comes with a huge map. Moving around this massive map of Saints Row is a very time-consuming job, which is why players need to use the fast travel feature of the game.

There are a total of 6 fast travel locations in Saints Row. We will show you all of these fast travel locations, as well as how to unlock them, in this guide.

How to Unlock Fast Travel Locations

To unlock a fast travel location, you need to take a photo of the spot first. Open your camera app on your phone and focus it on the spot. Usually, these location spots are landmarks like Panther Rock and Twin Coyote. After taking a picture of the fast travel spot, its purple mark should now appear on the map.

If you’re having trouble taking a photo, feel free to check this guide.

How to Fast Travel in Saints Row

Assuming that you have already unlocked a fast travel location spot, the next thing you need to do is open the map. You should see a purple icon on the map, which indicates the fast travel location spot. Simply click the icon twice, and you will fast travel to the selected location.

All Fast Travel Locations in Saints Row

As mentioned earlier, there are 6 fast travel locations all over the map of Saints Row. Here are the location spots that you can unlock in the game.

Twin Coyote Fast Travel

Panther Rock Fast Travel

El Dorado Fast Travel

Lone Wolf Fast Travel

Bear Lake Fast Travel

Cactus Bull Fast Travel

And this is every detail that you need to know about the Saints Row fast travel system. In case we missed any fast travel location spots, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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