Saints Row (2022)

Saints Row (2022) The Spins | Where and How to Do a Barrel Roll

One of the trophies/achievements in Saints Row (2022) is called The Spins, where players are required to do a barrel roll in the game. However, performing a barrel roll is not as easy as you think, as it will require timing and proper location.

How to Do a Barrel Roll

To perform a barrel roll, you need to perfectly time your clicks on your controller. First, you need to find a ramp where your car can easily jump. For the ramp, we highly recommend the ramp located in Smelterville East. However, if you have a better spot to jump off, then it’s your choice.

Now that you have a good spot, bring your car to its maximum speed and head to the ramp. Once your car takes off, hold the brake button, then immediately hold the left or right control stick. Using this combo, your car should make a 360-degree turn. If you manage to do it, then you should see the trophy/achievement pop up in the corner.

Take note that in order to successfully make a barrel roll, you need at least 2 seconds of air time. The longer airtime you have, the higher the success rate you’ll get.